NAILS stream re-recorded version of “Obscene Humanity”

NAILS are streaming the title track track from their “Obscene Humanity” 7″ at this location. The new outing features 3 re-recorded tracks from their debut EP “Obscene Humanity”.

The band commented:

These songs are re-recordings from our 12″ EP “Obscene Humanity” which was released in April 2009 via Streetcleaner Records/Six Feet Under. The music for these songs was recorded during the same session that NAILS recorded Unsilent Death. At the time of recording this, and at this time currently, these are the only songs we play from the Obscene Humanity EP, aside from the instrumental song “White Walls”. The two differences in these recordings is 1. The studio and 2. Different drummer. Tom Hogan played drums on the original EP and left the band Summer 2009, and Taylor Young joined. Both of their styles are very different obviously and both dictated a lot of how NAILS would shape it’s sound. Shout out and gratitude to Tom Hogan who helped shaped these songs and was critical to the formation of NAILS. Taylor and Tom are both very skilled but different styled drummers. Tom is barbaric and spastic while Taylor being more precise and technical. Earth Capital is the studio where the original recording was made by Alex Estrada. He was very accommodating and patient with us. He helped us make the recording that we wanted to make at that time on the tight budget that we had. There’s really nothing that needs to be said about Kurt and his studio (Godcity). Another difference is my vocals. The vocals were recorded Spring 2012 by Taylor Young at his studio (The Pit). I couldn’t record the vocals for these songs during the Unsilent Death sessions because my voice was so blown out and shot. Actually, on Unsilent Death, all the vocals were recorded in order of how the songs are tracked on the album. My voice is buried in the mix and drenched in distortion because I really hated the way my vocals sound. You can hear them progressively get worse throughout the album. Since then my voice has gotten much stronger and what I believe, to be better. Those are the things I think about when I think about this recording. I was asked to write something about this and that’s what I came up with. Our new album “Abandon All Life” is coming out Spring 2013 via Southern Lord. It’s really going to be a test to our “fanbase” to see who is really down. Don’t expect “Unsilent Death part 2″ or anything “progressive”. It won’t be “the new thing” that the press/bloggers are looking for. We have expanded on our sound but everything is very much NAILS through and through. Thanks a lot for checking out the tunes and reading this.

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