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NJ screamo act YOU AND I re-release full discography on Repeater Records

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From New Jersey, YOU AND I were a band from 1996 to 1999. During that time they released two full length albums, an EP and a 7”, all of which are included on this complete discography. You And I contributed to the diverse 90’s hardcore scene, creating sounds that appealed to hardcore, punk, metal, and emo scenes alike. Although they were only around for a few years, the impact of You And I is still felt today in the hardcore and punk worlds. This new discography re-release on Repeater Records includes all of their releases, including “Saturday’s Cab Ride Home,” “Within The Frame,” “The Curtain Falls,” and their sole 7”. All of these tracks have been mastered for vinyl by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden. This 2xLP comes in a gatefold jacket with a digital download and a massive pdf file containing numerous photographs, flyers and other visuals from the band’s history. To celebrate and tease it a bit more, we sat down with Repeater Records‘ Seth and Chris for a brief interview about the band and this particular offering.

Repeater Records commented:

You And I are one of the band’s from the late 90’s hardcore/post-hardcore/emo scene who were not only a great band but also innovative. Most importantly to us, we feel their music still holds up really well. Not something that can be said for a number of bands from that era. As a label we have been trying to bring some of these hard-to-find records back to life from this scene.

YOU AND I live!

How does this new re-release compare to 2005’s compilation released on Alone Records?

The You and I discography will be a 2xLP gatefold and will include all of You and I’s releases, including their LP “The Curtain Falls” which was not on the 2005 CD compilation on Alone Records. There will be new artwork for the release. All tracks are being remastered by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden.

How it came to be? What prompted you to release it?

Seth : I have known Tom Schlatter since 2001. My first band was on a fairly ill planned US tour with a lot of dates that had fallen through or were just not booked. We ended up meeting Tom and were able to play a number of shows with The Assistant, it saved the last 2 weeks of our tour. When Chris and I started Repeater, The Curtain Falls was one of the records at the top of our reissue list, when I talked to Tom about it there was already a discography in the works so we left it at that. A few years and releases later Tom asked if we wanted to do the discography since it had unfortunately stalled and we were quick to say yes.

YOU AND I by Bryan Sheffield, NJ Fest, May 1998
YOU AND I by Bryan Sheffield, NJ Fest, May 1998

How the band’s been since the 90s? What projects and bands they’ve been involved in?

 Most recently Tom and Justin have played in NY in 64, an instrumental group, and Hundreds of AU, who are one of my favorite current hardcore bands. Before that Casey was in the early ’00s band Hot Cross. Tom has been in a constant string of new bands that are all really good and worth checking out.

What’s next for members of the band? music wise, what are their plans for 2020?

They did a reunion back in 2011, but at this point there are no plans to reunite (we hope they will).

YOU AND I discography:

“Hearts on Paper” 7″ – Sage Records
“Saturday’s Cab Ride Home” LP – Spiritfall Records
“Within the Frame” cdep – Your Best Guess / Spiritfall Records
“The Curtain Falls” LP – Level Plane Records
“The First Seven Inch” – Track Star Records
S/T Collection CD – Alone Records

YOU AND I by Bryan Sheffield, NJ Fest, May 1998
Right: YOU AND I, by Bryan Sheffield, NJ Fest, May 1998

You And I were a five-piece screamo/emo violence band from New Brunswick, New Jersey that were active from 1996 to 1999, and briefly reunited in 2011. The band’s poetic lyrics, over-the-top vocals, as well as melodic sensibility proves that chaos is more than them. They were more in the realm of bands like Saetia, with constant loud/quiet dynamics, occassionally spoken vocals, and heavy guitars. Their songs would often explore numerous ideas, adding to the passionate intensity they played with, and when they hit a climax, the result is the equivalent of a group of guys crying on the floor with pictures of their ex. And that sound is sweet. – Sophie’s Floorboard

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