TO ADELAIDE by Desiree Shouteten
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Noisy, shoegazin’ post hardcore act TO ADELAIDE premiere new multi-faceted album “Something Temporary”

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Dealing with loss, depression and an overall feeling of hopelessness when looking at the world we’re in today, the newest offering from Tilburg, Netherlands based gritty, shoegaze tinged post hardcore act TO ADELAIDE is a collection of songs describing human failure both on a global as a personal scale. Today, we’re pleased to give you its first full hearing, along with the band’s commentary and their special Top 2020 Music Tips below!

The band comments: “We deserve to not forever prosper and we brought everything to ourselves. In the end it is of complete arrogance to even think that the human species deserves anything. We tend to work hard and do everything to maintain something temporary. If there is anything the world today is pointing out for us is that our systems cannot be maintained and that mankind if failing horribly on so many levels.”

Recorded in The Apiary studio in Laval, France with Amaury Sauvé (Birds In Row a.o.) from September 4 until September 10 2019. Mastered by Pieter Kloos in The Void studio in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Artwork photography shot by Charlotte Hofman.

LP Artwork Something Temporary

To Adelaide is a band from Tilburg, Netherlands. The four-piece mixes shoegaze’s walls of in effects drenched guitars and hardcore punk’s raw emotional deliveries into its own blend of dreamful loud music. Mixing these musical opposites results into never-ending intensity. Although their music is constantly balancing between the feeling of a clenched fist and a depressed head, there is never a simple golden mean. The band knows how to shift their musical emphasis and rather chooses for extremities instead of compromise.

In contrast to the dreamy wall of guitar by guitarists Wessel van den Broek and Edward Rijkers and energetic drums by Mex van Gestel, songwriter Luc Jeuken’s lyrics often deal with sober observations of a world constantly drifting apart. About a reality that seems promising at first, but more often turns out unrewarding.

This same intensity relates to the band’s working ethos. Since their initiation in 2018 the band self-recorded, produced and released 2 EP’s and a handful of singles. These releases took them to the Dutch underground punk scene’s stages very quickly. For their debut full-length the band took their music abroad to record their music live with Amaury Sauvé in his studio in Laval, France. After which they all will die.

TO ADELAIDE by Desiree Shouteten
TO ADELAIDE by Desiree Shouteten



Lovely screamo band from Utrecht. Released their album TIJD VERDRINGT last year on Smithsfoodgroup DIY so we’re label buddies now. Would love to be able to go out and play together with them once more, so fuck the whole Covid. I’ve heard they’re back in the studio to record new music and I just can’t wait to hear it.


Also friends from Utrecht. Throwing Bricks combine heavy sludge riffs with screamo vocals and a lot of noise. Released their debut album WHAT WILL BE LOST this year and it’s good.


New band by a bunch of friends from Tilburg. They just released a 2 song live session recorded by Wessel (To Adelaide guitar player) in our rehearsal studio. FFO cold and eerie post-punk.


Finally a garage rock band in the Netherlands that’s not a total Ty Segall ripoff! These guys like their garage rock dark, loud and aggressive. This year they released their debut album BEHAVE and it’s a total banger front to back.

TO ADELAIDE by Desiree Shouteten
TO ADELAIDE by Desiree Shouteten

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