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NOWHERE ROADS: East Coast hardcore vets unveil debut EP, offer track-by-track commentary

"Toil Every Second" cover by Chris Smith of Grey Aria design in Pittsburgh
NOWHERE ROADS have kept what’s worked across their previous releases with bands like EDGEWISE, FLOORPUNCH and WISDOM IN CHAINS, but refined and filtered through their massive melodic old school vibe across all songs here. Their tight and highly energetic debut EP “Toil Every Second” manages to reel you in as soon as opening track “The Earth Is Still Flat” kicks in, holding you throughout. We’re stoked to give you its first listen below!

The band has scheduled multiple dates throughout the Eastern U.S. in early 2019 including the Alone In A Crowd benefit / reunion show in Philly, February 16th, with plans for some West Coast U.S. dates later in the spring.

We started this band as friends to write and play music we want to make. We’re just taking it as it comes and having fun. We love hardcore/punk and this is our current version of that. We have only just started, so its hard to say. But we plan on writing more and putting out more records, as well as playing to support whatever we release.

The thought behind the title Toil Every Second comes from the idea that life as human beings on this planet is a constant push/pull of struggle and triumph. Who really knows where any of this goes? Life is temporary, so the toil is not wasting it, never giving up, working and enjoying every second to make life the best it can possibly be. That’s it.

NOWHERE ROADS are: Evan – Bass; Vince – Guitar; Keats – Vocals; Joe – Guitar; Kingshott – Drums. Grab “Toil Every Second” EP now via CoinToss Records.

Recorded by the band at Vince’s house/Sylvan Studio, mixed by Taylor Young/The Pit, mastered by Jason Elgin/Synchromesh.

The Earth Is Still Flat

The title idea came to me as sort’ve a nod to Supertouch. But then as the lyrics came together, it took on a different meaning – which almost always happens with me. Anyway…I was reading a thread online where some “flat-earther” was vehemently defending their position to the point where they were becoming inflamed and making pretty low insults, as well as threatening comments. This person could’ve been anyone from a 12 year old kid, to some angry elderly person. The absurdity of such intereactions is pandemic to current human living.


Continuation on a theme. Modern living seems to be moving in a vicious way toward pitting everyone against each other, while people in power are seemingly making the decisions that mostly benefit themselves. The rest of us are out here just trying to claw our way. It seems like people focus and cling to way more surface level issues and defend them as if they were something to die for. Meanwhile we’re all being duped by extreme direct marketing and brainwashing – all cause for uncivilized behavior.



Time Stand Still

As with all of these songs, I hope that the listener finds some meaning of their own in them. Anyway – life is short. Do all you can to enjoy it and be kind to others as best you can. Do your absolute best to not take your loved ones for granted, and take every opportunity to to let them know you love them.

Dirt on a Grave

Some days I wake up and literally feel like the earth is pulling me down into it. Like many other people (some very close to me), I’ve had bouts with anxiety and depression. I go through periods where things are going great, and on a dime that changes. I’m aware of it, and I work at it. I try to tell myself to keep reaching, keep trying, while giving myself the ok to have fails and losses. It doesn’t always go how I’d like it to, and when that happens, I try to chalk it up an keep moving. Best I can tell you…


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