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On the power of daydreaming, with alt noise rock punks TVIVLER – new song streaming!

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Having signed with Norwegian label Fysisk Format earlier this year, our special guests TVIVLER will be releasing their second album “Kilogram” on May 6th, and today we’re pleased to give you the band’s new single and music video “Dagdrømmer”!

The new album marks a giant leap forward and into very new territories for the band. Featuring artwork by Asbjørn Skou and layout by Mads Ogstrup Nielsen, Kilogram is released by the record label Fysisk Format on May 6th.

Formed out of the urge of creating violent and cathartic hardcore, TVIVLER spawned with members from locally and internationally known bands such as LACK, CHILDREN OF FALL and TOWN PORTAL, the band explores the experimental part of hardcore punk without being separeted by its roots. TVIVLER is a band that shows their love to the outer specters of punk, with equal nods to the likes of Blondie as to the likes of Brutal Truth.


Asked about the new single “Dagdrømmer (Daydreamer)”, the band comments: “We say: allow yourself to daydream. We know we are in debt. We owe to twelve tone composers, jazz musicians, and punk rockers; to idiosyncratic artists, delirious poets, and writers who got lost in language. We owe to minoritarian voices. We owe to spirits who chose freedom so the rest of us could see what that means. You must choose the margins if you want radical openness, the impossible is our only chance for something new. We say that humility starts by listening to the needs of others and recognising that before us there were people with courage.”

Hooked by their new lyrical concepts, we asked their lead singer Thomas to share some more details about “Daydreamer”. He offered a few extra, erratic thoughts to accompany the sentiment of the song, and actually not the particular lyrics, but the base sentiment. 

“Personally, as a lyricist I do not like interpreting or explaining myself (even if I am an avid fan of manifestos, exegesis, and commentary). But all the songs are driven by a fundamental concept and those concepts are important. So here goes.” – says Thomas.

TVIVLER by @petertroest
TVIVLER by @petertroest

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“I like to daydream. It is a favourite activity of mine and I do it as often as I can. Sometimes I space out in the middle of doing something important and I start imagining things. It must be annoying, like, “Hey! Snap out of it!” I get it. Be present, be productive, be useful.

Problem is, I really enjoy daydreaming. Some days I imagine five impossible things before breakfast. Sometimes I mentally rewrite my broken family history as a story of pirates, mad scientists, bank robbers, and private detectives. Sometimes I build a treehouse with a view to an azure sea. Sometimes I score an opera for human bones and air raid sirens.

Tvivler band photo

I mean, you could call it imagination or fantasising, which is fine by me. But I think it qualifies as daydreaming. Which, by the way, some consider to be a kind of pathology or mental illness. I think it is interesting that if daydreaming was to be a pathology a whole bunch of us would be somewhat on the wrong side of the diagnosis. So to speak. But not really surprising either. It comes with a certain territory.

Being productive, an agent of optimising, a beacon of efficiency. Every time I try, and god knows I try, to enter the space of highly productive people I start drifting. What’s that? A thought? An association? Before I know it: a daydream. Recently, at my university office I spent at least the better half of an hour daydreaming that Copenhagen was actually a spaceport and that most of us were part of the space port as support staff. Some of us would work logistics. I would work with xenolinguistics, that is, alien languages. Sometimes I make up my own languages.

TVIVLER by @petertroest
TVIVLER by @petertroest

I am currently working on two different xenolanguages: one is based on a people without any sense of autonomous self, regulated by a strictly legal thinking. The other, I based on a people with no sense at all of collective accountability, only violence and strife. I spent so much time daydreaming I must have an account somewhere, counting hours. I think the Queen, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II got it right when she said in her New Year’s Speech some years ago: do something useless. Shit. I am all in.

Daydreamer is a response to several problems, or several questions: how to live? How to love? How to be kind? How to care? How to co-exist non violently? How to do things differently? How to imagine alternatives?”

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