OVERLOOKED breaks up (2009-2012)

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North Carolina hardcore band OVERLOOKED have announced their plans to split up.


Here’s what the band has to say to their people:

so to anyone that may or may not care, the next 2 overlooked shows are gonna be our last real shows as a band. not gonna give a long explanation as to why but let it be known that we feel like weve done everything we set out to do as a band for the most part. no bad blood, no shitty attitudes, nothing like that. there will be a real last show at some point next year, not really sure where or when or anything like that. thanks to everyone who ever gave a fuck about this band, way too many to list right now. ill be putting merch online to sell and pay off our bills that we still have. we love all of you, except for the shitty people that we wrote songs about and hate, in that case we dont love you. NCHC

We did a short chat with the band earlier this year. Go here to check it out.

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