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Pre Noise Records signs rock band BORN WITHOUT BONES

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BORN WITHOUT BONES have announced their signing to Pure Noise Records today. The band have also announced details surrounding their upcoming EP ‘Pictures Of The Sun’ out digitally August 27. Fans can check out the new single and music video for their new song “Disappearer”.

“’Disapearer’ is the only song we didn’t finish while recording ‘Baby’ with J. Robbins back in 2012” explains the band in a joint statement “Since our initial failure to make something out of it, we had taken it off the shelf a few times to see if there was still life left in it. Fortunately, we were able to preserve the things that we always loved about it while bringing the song to a totally new place. It’s the most Dr. Frankenstein we’ve ever got with one of our songs. It’s a song about when home doesn’t feel like home anymore and trying to break free from the failures of your past. It’s also about family and how you don’t need to sustain the shortcomings of your roots. You can build something totally new for yourself and those you love and inspire positivity and growth in your life”.

The EP marks the culmination of the trio’s tenure as a staunchly DIY band, as well as the start of an exciting brand new chapter. Four of its five songs have all been previously released, with one written years ago but never actually recorded. All of them offer deep insight into the band’s decade-long career, but have been refreshed and re-recorded for this EP. As such, they’re both like an old friend you haven’t seen in years, but also a new one you feel you’ve known your entire life.

“The concept behind ‘Pictures Of The Sun’ was to approach our past catalogue from a retrospective and revisionist point of view” they continue.

Born Without Bones

Haunted by the ghosts of past relationships and the aching, desperate loneliness that comes with a break-up, Ayotte pours everything into that song, laying it all on the line with his vocal delivery while the band match his pathos with their emphatic performance.

In addition, Pure Noise Records will also re-issue the bands albums ‘Say Hello’ and ‘Baby’ on vinyl. Pre-orders are available HERE.

With all five of these songs, Born Without Bones have taken the past and expertly reshaped it into the present, but very much with an eye on the future. The result, truly, is the end and the beginning of something very special indeed.

Fans can stream the band’s previous albums ‘Say Hello’, ‘Baby’ and ‘Young at the Bend’ now on all music platforms.

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