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PREMIERE: new EP from noisy math screamo act PAULINCHEN BRENNT

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On the last day of November, German experimental, math and noise rock infused post hardcore  / screamo act PAULINCHEN BRENNT will end three years of silence with an intricate new 2-track 7” EP “Wie Salz” on  German label 30 Kilo Fieber Records (pre-order HERE) and Slovak label Different Records, as well as various streaming platforms. Today, we’re giving you an early stream of both ear-bending tunes, along with a full story and track by track commentary.

With instrumentals recorded in one take in a live studio session, “Wie Salz” introduces a passionate trio eager to explore the trajectories of mathy post hardcore with adjacent sounds in noise rock and screamo, while also approaching songwriting with a smart, lighter touch of melody. Using their organic, live sounds as their main platform, PAULINCHEN BRENNT have been around since 2014 and have been playing shows quite regularly in Germany, with some single shows in Czech Republic, Austria and The Netherlands, and we truly hope this new offering will push them farther beyond in 2019. Here’s wat the band had to say about the project:

Each member of PAULINCHEN BRENNT has at least one other band project. While our other bands are pretty much straight-forward-thinking-acts, we use PAULINCHEN BRENNT as a creative outlet to create experimental tunes that are meant to explore stuff that’s a little bit outside of the box. As teens of the 90s we grew up on bands who were all about combining different genres in order to create something new. So, in that manner, we always have this urge for uniqueness when it comes to PAULINCHEN BRENNT. Right now our thing is to clash raging screamo vocals into aggressive jazz-patterns and add some hints of 90s nostalgia here and there, while the lyrics are kind of dada/gibberish, but sure can be read into most of the time. As far as the language-switching stuff with the English and German lyrics goes: that has a lot to do with phonetics and both languages got their own appeal in specific settings. We’d also like to refer to acts such as Einstürzende Neubauten, Falco or Nina Hagen as pioneers of that kind of thing. So that’s basically what we’re into right now, but things can always change in this band and the style can always be different from song to song. There are neither limits nor bounderies for us. We just want to keep things different and interesting, first of all to satisfy our needs as musicians but we’re happy about each and everyone who gets what this band is about, too. After all there’s too much stuff out there that sounds similar.

We love to work with imagery, quotes and content from our childhood, such as movies, cheesy/obscure TV-sitcoms, fairy tales and what not. While the name of the band itself is a reference/homage to a famous german tale called ‘Die Gar Traurige Geschichte Mit Dem Feuerzeug’ (engl.: The Sad Tale Of The Match-Box) by Heinrich Hoffmann, both of the new tracks got a similar background.

Wie Salz (Like Salt):

Yet again a german fairy tale sets the tone for these lyrics, although it’s just one line that gives that hint. Tale is called ‘Die Salzprinzessin/So lieb wie das Salz’ (engl. The Salt Princess) by Brothers Grimm. More eye catching would be the ‘South Bend Shovel Slayer’-motive from the 90s evergreen-movie ‘Home Alone’. In between the lines this song is dealing with the paradox that eating too little salt can be harmful while too much can be bad for your health – in a more homorous way. The old struggle of finding balance if you will…


Superficially these lyrics are dealing with words and imagery from the fairy tale ‘Der Zwerg Nase’ (engl.: Dwarf Nose) by German romantic Wilhelm Hauff but can also be read as paraphrases for different body parts and love/sexual intercourse in general. In the most respectful, passionate, magical sense of course! The word Souzeraine itself is a made up pie from that mentioned story…


08.03.2019 Bad Neustadt/Juze w/Oat
09.03.2019 Marburg / Cafe Trauma w/Oat, Black Jump

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