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Stoner hardcore act THE HOAX PROGRAM cause a major ruckus with their new LP!

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7 years after their latest record “II” and our introductory interview (back in the days when I had no idea about asking good questions haha),  Ajdovščina, Slovenia based stoner and rock’n’roll infused post hardcore act THE HOAX PROGRAM are back with a highly anticipated new record called “Comfort Cage“! We’re super pleased to give you an early stream ahead of its December 5th release on Storm Inside Records, along with a a full, first hand track by track commentary below!

Formed in 2007, THE HOAX PROGRAM released their debut album ‘Lost Songs, Forgotten Melodies’ on Storm Inside Records in 2008, followed by ‘II’ on Radio Študent Records in 2011. Their latest, third album ‘Comfort Cage’ is an energetic and sonically dynamic blend of hardcore and various heavy rock subgenres. The songs are longer and heavier than ever before, yet still melodic and always challenging, armed with sociopolitical lyrical themes. ‘Comfort Cage’ will be self-released on 5th December and will be be available in a CD and cassette format, both limited to 30 copies.



We all see the world through our own eyes but it looks like some of the people feel entitled to look down on others based on what they wear, how they talk, and most frequently on how much financial gain they have in life. And we just get along with that, no questions asked. Is this really who we are? People measuring success based on financial gain? There has to be more than that, there has to be a more humane way to define the worth of a person. The worth of being human, not merely a human being.

The Sins of Truth

Truth is something that is hard to swallow. And being truthful in the society like it exists today, you become isolated and almost hated. What happened to respect? What happened to justice, modesty and all these little things that were so hard fought for by many exceptional individuals? What happened to living a truthful and modest life, by not hurting anyone, by accepting the differences, by accepting other humans for their good and appreciate the life we all share on this planet? It looks like all of this is forgotten…

There is a War Going On

One important question, if your life was made into a movie, would it be worth watching? We forget about everything important in our lives, friends, family, love, and we just live out our lives, oblivious. Take a walk through the forest, play with your dog some more, have a picnic with your friends, tell your family you love them, and create your movie to be something special.

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Zombie Infestation

There are puppets and there are puppet masters. Trying to divide us with borders, last names, race, and all the other tools they can get, to keep us meek and brainless. We are slowly being turned into zombies and we couldn’t care less…

A Disease Called Dreams

We are slowly destroying this planet we all share, some more, some less, we all have our hands involved in its slow destruction. All in the name of progress, money, power. So being an optimist, hoping that we can change for the better is actually really a disease and it has to be cured. But this disease is resilient, it won’t just go away with a couple of flu shots.

Tabula Rasa

All this system and society wants us to do is buy, consume, obey, fear. We are the best customers in this huge shopping mall, buying everything, from life to toilet paper. Living from wage to wage and at the same time worshipping these public figures trying to sell us fake boobs, fake tan, fake ass and so on. Forever young, forever dead inside.

Only the Good Die Young

This is a song for all those impressive human beings that left a huge mark on this world but left us too soon, individuals that made this world a better place somehow. We don’t remember them often enough.

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Lately, there is feeling of apathy and of being useless in today’s world, and it is not surprising. We all see what is going on with the world, so in these lyrics I am discussing about the form of change we need to see things through. And it is going to cost us a lot to be able to fix something that has been going on in destructive ways for a long time. There will be blood and sacrifice and we have to realise that there is no easy way.

The Gods of Thunder

This is a song of rebellion. Nothing can keep us down, dreamers, fighters, lovers, we keep rising, we keep fighting and we will do so forever. We seek justice and we will never back down. So cheers to all fighting for a better and more just world.

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