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PremieRing: Danish emoviolent screamo act DEMERSAL unveil new uncompromising track, 4-way split premiering NOW!

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Praised at least a couple of times in 2021 here on IDIOTEQ, Danish blackened screamo / emoviolence band DEMERSAL are always super fun guests to have. Today, almost four years after the original PremieRing project (which served as an original premiere circuit of the intense split from YO SBRAITO, MASSA NERA, THISISSMENOTTHINKINGOFYOU, and EF’IL), we’re stoked to be a part of PremieRing #2, a special unveiling of the newest 4-way split cassette by DEMERSAL, LETTERBOMBS, PIET ONTHEL, and VIENTRE released by Tomb Tree (Zegema Beach Records’ offshoot label) and Witch Elm!

Demersal is a blackened screamo/emoviolence band based in Copenhagen and Odense, Denmark. Through an aggressive performance, their music explores feelings of grief and meaninglessness, communicated through passages of chaotic, expressive hardcore, and melancholic post-rock, joined with vocals that seem both powerful and fragile.

In 2021, they released their second EP, “Death Routines”, alongside a split with the danish screamo act, Regarding Ambiguity. These releases touches primarily upon themes derived from negative routines in everyday life that consume us and ultimately lead to our demise.

DEMERSAL by Gulgrøn
DEMERSAL by Katrine Søndergaard Sørensen

Their newest track “No Need for Stories Where We Never Come Alive” is the distillation of everything that the band are great at and, as always, done purely in bleak atmosphere and on their own terms.

Comments the band: “We wanted to make something frantic and disoriented for this track with lots of riffs, breaks and dynamic unpredictability on a very short running time.”

“The lyrics are also somewhat frantic and fragmented but with a generel theme about people not being any good for each other – destroying all of what is good and sustainable in this world with our passive and lazy mentalities.”


“Nacido Para Morir” by Vientre is awaiting you at Open Mind  / Saturated Mind blog.

The split comes in 4 sick looking variatns:

46x clear/blue/purple swirl
20x multi-color swirl
5x red/black swirl
5x test dip w/matching swirl case

2 blue swirl min

1 clear swirl 1 min

3 red swirl min

0 promo 1 min

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