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Psychological Horror Hardcore band NAILED SHUT MA unleashes the “Burgeon”

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The heart of Boston reverberates with the thrilling anticipation of ‘Nailed Shut MA’s‘ latest horror-inspired, hardcore punk single ‘BURGEON‘, scheduled for a tantalizing release on Friday, June 30th. This enigmatic Boston band, who brand themselves as proponents of Psychological Horror Hardcore, is renowned for their unique approach to music that is both confrontational and profoundly thought-provoking.

Their upcoming second single ‘BURGEON’ stands testament to their consistent and unrelenting style. The opening chords, played by guitarist Joel Arnall, offer a tantalizing taste of their raw, high-strung music, which soon gives way to the explosion of sound from the band, led by Asher Thomas’ gripping vocals. This feature aims to dissect the lyrics of ‘BURGEON’ from the band’s perspective, revealing the underlying narratives and evoking the storytelling elements present in the composition.

“Nothing terrifies me more than the loss of control we find within ourselves,” shared Asher Thomas, the band’s vocalist. He further explained that ‘BURGEON’ is a sonorous exploration of this fear, wrapped in a heavy, aggressive soundscape. Their aim is to express the sudden swing from calm to hostility, from health to fear-driven paralysis.

The narrative of ‘BURGEON‘ pivots around a theme that is both terrifying and fascinating: waking up during surgery, paralyzed by fear and yet deriving a perverse pleasure from the resultant torment. Thomas draws a parallel between this horrifying experience and toxic relationships that hold us captive, often exerting a masochistic allure.

“In a literal sense our storyteller has just woken up in the midst of a surgery…On a metaphorical sense this is also the basis of our characters relationship that he is trapped in,” he explains. The line, “White as coke from the light, scalpels dig into our delights” is indicative of the shift from pure terror to a surreal form of pleasure, a testament to our propensity to love things that inflict pain upon us.

“Fuck me til’ I bloom,” is perhaps the most visceral depiction of this idea. Here, the act of lovemaking, generally perceived as an intimate pleasure, is transformed into a raw, unnerving experience. Our protagonist longs for liberation, yearning for the torment to transmute him into something new, something free. The lyrics express the everlasting impact of abusive relationships and how we constantly strive to change while unable to detach ourselves from the ghosts of our past.

The enigmatic potency of ‘BURGEON’ will be available to the public on all streaming platforms from Friday, June 30th. As we await this fascinating release, ‘Nailed Shut MA’ continues to intrigue us with their raw narratives and sonorous metaphors. This single promises to be a surreal journey, not just musically, but also thematically, delving into the darkest corners of human experience.

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