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Punk rock act PROPAGANDHI release new song & video “Failed Imagineer”

Canadian punk rockers PROPAGANDHI have dropped a new song and video called “Failed Imagineer”, directed by Randy “Randolpherson” Frykas of the Caress of Steel Productions. The track comes from their new album Victory Lap, slated for a September 29th release via Epitapth Records.

Having preached an anti-fascist message their entire career, the band’s progressive political stance seems more relevant than ever these days. “Failed Imagineer” serves as an homage to war vets, dressed up on the surface as a “rock’n’roll party.” /

Though Victory Lap continues on the path of Propagandhi‘s sonic evolution, the band is very much the punk kids they were in the mid-90s. While “Failed Imagineer” might seem like your run-of-the-mill, good-time rock jam, it disguises a deeper meaning underneath as it sees them offering a drink to the hardened veterans of war. It’s sort of the same twist that “Less Talk, More Rock” pulled back in ’96, where they tricked boneheaded punks into slam-dancing to a deceptively fun song about a same-sex encounter. So by all means, bang your head to “Failed Imagineer.” But just know that there’s always more than meets the eye when you’re dealing with Propagandhi. / Noisey Magazine

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