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Punk trio GASP premiere bloody music video for “Gut That Living Thing”

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Our recent guests from DIY power punk trio GASP join us for the premiere of their new bloody music video for their new song “Gut That Living Thing”!

GASP is an all female hardcore/punk band fron Malmö, Sweden. With a mix of noisy, distorted and somewhat pop rock riffs we bring you songs with a lot of attitude and energy.

Earlier this year the band released their first 4 singles. They’ve been played several times on Swedens biggest radio chanel P3 Rock, Punk, Metal, NoEcho, several podcasts, playlists and will do their first live gigs on December 3rd and 4th. 

GASP started playing together in 2018 with no previous experience in playing or creating music but with loads of listening experience. In December 2020 they went into the studio to record a few tracks and in March 2021 they released their debut single ‘Dragging through mud’. Since then they have released 3 more songs and will now release their 5th single ‘Gut that living thing’.

‘Gut That Living Thing’ is about overconsumption and how we consider ourselves able to utilize and consume other beings, people as well as animals, at our own will without remorse or reflection.


The end of this year has been a real goodie bag of great releases. Lots of new bands emerged amidst the pandemic, as well as old bands releasing new stuff. We asked the band to give us their top picks for albums of the year and here’s what we got.

Words by GASP:

Cerce (Boston, hardcore) for one released a new album, ‘Cowboy Music’, out of the blue which was a truly awesome surprise!

M:40 (Sweden, Crust) came out with a massive EP, ‘Dödens bleka häst’, and members from M:40 playing in Illvilja (swe, crust) also released an EP, ‘Mörkret’.

Other bands that’s been spinning heavily in our speakers this year are Centuries (US, hc/punk) with the great record ‘The light of this earth are blinding’, 2018 and Initiate (US, hc/punk) who released an album last year, ‘Lavender’.

In addition to that we have befriended a lot of great new bands this year and to mention a few: Rats (Sweden, hc) released and heavy album this year, ‘Another day in helvete’, Terror 83 (Sweden, 80s brazilian hc/punk) released a demo on tape and LP, Sluta Ljug (Sweden, punk) released the EP ‘Kattguld’ with tons of energy, Shitty (Sweden, hc) made it’s way back from the dead and will releas the EP ‘Mörkret’ in december and the latest finding Bister (Sweden, alt rock) released a few super nice singles this year.

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