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PUPIL SLICER are back with new album – new single “Blossom” streaming!

Mathcore / metalcore act Pupil Slicer has announced the release of their new album titled “Blossom” on June 2nd. The title track from the album is already available to stream on various platforms, and the music video right here!

The band recorded the album in October at The Ranch in Southampton with Lewis Johns, and it took them 28 days of intense work.

Pupil Slicer

The first single is the closing track on the album, which serves as an epilogue to the story within the world of “Blossom” that exists beyond the edge of time and space.

Pupil Slicer also has merchandise and records available for purchase on their Big Cartel, which ships worldwide. However, they have partnered with Night Shift for US merch and Evil Greed for record distribution in Europe. Additionally, the band is filming their next music video in Camden, London, and invites fans to sign up to be the first to see it. You can register here.

Before the album release, Pupil Slicer will be performing at Roadburn in the Netherlands, followed by a few weeks of touring with Boris. The band promises to keep their fans updated with more news, merch, and shows in the coming months.

Drawing influence from a myriad of genre classics across books, movies and videogames, Pupil Slicer crafted a story that conveys personal experiences via an other-worldly narrative creating a cohesive and confident sounding album that embraces ethereal singing, electronic breakdowns, and bold experimentation – though doesn’t shy away from a good hook and a catchy chorus – without ever losing sight of their core tenets.

Pupil Slicer

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