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THE RULE blends metallic hardcore with 80s heavy metal and synth wave to carry the torch of the straight edge

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Tim Rule has been quite the name in the music industry for a while now, especially known for his death/black metal fused vegan straight edge solo project called FORWARD TO EDEN, and his label Bound By Modern Age Records which deals in metallic hardcore/90s metalcore. But surprisingly, he had never ventured out to expand his own solo project, THE RULE. However, in 2022, he finally released his much-awaited debut LP, March To The Temple of Gains, which is a perfect blend of straight edge oi metal, hardcore punk revival, and true heavy metal with old-school sxe hardcore and 80s synthie pop vibes.

It features members from other famous bands like Forward To Eden, Castigator, Statement, Unborn, and more. This album is dedicated to the cult of heavy lifting, and it’s an absolute banger!

And now, Tim has some thrilling news to share. He has recently recorded a brand new full-length album for THE RULE. This album is a fantastic mix of classic metallic hardcore, 80s style heavy metal, and synth wave, all while spreading the message of straight edge, heavy lifting, and embracing one’s inner nerd.

Today, we’re stoked to give you THE RULE’s new single and music video dubbed “Of Magic & Muscle”!

THE RULE cover

The song’s lyrics encourage individuals to embrace their unique interests and personalities, to not be ashamed of being different or considered “weird,” and to showcase their true selves with confidence and pride.

Tim gave us a little background info to the lyrics: “First verse is all about DnD – basically the summary of a campaign I was playing while writing those lyrics, haha
Second verse is about working out (quite literally) and writing (hardcore) music. Of Magic & Muscle stands for my very own path.”


MAGIC epitomizes all the fantasy worlds I love to lose myself in at times. May it be through books, films, comics, games or an rpg campaign with some good friends – this is real life MAGIC to me.”

MUSCLE stands for the hard work and the DIY ethic which basically makes up the other 50% of my life. Writing music, putting up shows, running a label, but also working out and always striving to make tomorrow a tiny bit better.”

“The third verse is about Magic the Gathering and Warhammer 40k.”


In discussing his upcoming album, Tim shared that the album will feature 8 tracks that largely build upon themes from the band’s first album – weightlifting and the straight edge. While attempting to move away from the band’s early hardcore/oi influences, Tim leaned more into an 80s heavy metal sound with prominent use of synths.

However, he also expressed that the band didn’t take themselves too seriously, and that this album is meant to be enjoyed.

The artwork for the album cover and single were created by Simon Erl, and they perfectly capture the essence of the album’s message.

THE RULE cover

According to Tim, the album encourages listeners to take a break from their daily struggles and societal expectations, and embrace their true selves.

“Of Magic & Muscle”


Ridin’ down the valley of gods
On the back of my valorous steed
Oh, for the evil we fought
Is finally to be revealed

Flyin’ over the mountains of chult
On Aarakocra’n wings
True companions at my side
Tonight we’re headin’ for the tomb!

What keeps you sane in this world (of magic and muscle)

Tearin’ apart the gym at night
Nothing but sweat and steel
For only when I feel the weight on my back
My mind’s finally gonna be at ease

Writin’ words to shut down the voices
In my head
Screamin’ them back into a crowd
Can you feel it? We’re still alive!

What keeps you sane in this world

You gotta own it
What makes you real
And seize this life
Of magic and muscle

I live this life for me and no one else
So I won’t disguise myself
It’s what keeps me sane in this world

Ready for battle on a foreign plane
Eye to eye with a phyrexian beast
Venser gave his life in this fight,
but I am the Wizard and the Mana is on my side

Touching down on Isstvan III
Feeling the sprawl of Nurgle’s Garden
For the Emperor of Mankind
It is our duty that we fight and die!

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