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“Put On A Show, Don’t Let Them See You Fall” – another single from SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY unleashed!

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Self-proclaimed “sasscore” band SeeYouSpaceCowboy have unleashed a vicious new single, Put On A Show, Don’t Let Them See You Fall. The song comes from the band’s recently announced record, The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds, which is set to be released on September 27th via Pure Noise Records. Pre-orders are available now here.

On the new single, the band shares:

“This song is about mental illness and how people will view someone as fundamentally broken or useless if they struggle with it. The lyrics act as a rallying call to not view yourself as such and keep pressing forward through adversity.”

Combining the MySpace-era grind sound they loved as teenagers with more modern takes on the heavy music genre, the California-based SeeYouSpaceCowboy formed in October 2016 as a self-described “indulgence project” — but have since risen to become one of the most exciting bands in the underground scene’s new wave.

They’ve done so not only through a devastatingly heavy and dextrous hardcore sound, but also razor-sharp lyricism at the hands of frontwoman Connie Sgarbossa. The satirical, tongue-in-cheek and highly political writing of the band’s early material earned them the genre tag sasscore, but Sgarbossa bares her soul more explicitly than ever on SeeYouSpaceCowboy’s new album, The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds.


Constrain and save what you can, then pull yourself together. Stitch up the tears and don’t let them see the tangled wires inside.

You’ll come undone. Don’t let them see. The pain you feel. It’s not the end.

You are not broken just a different model.

All of the sympathy, no common ground to stand on. The crushing weight of reaction to difference and traits.

Isolation, buried in your mind’s worth. Don’t be afraid to exist, you’re still alive. Don’t burn the effigy, show them that you’re not a lost cause.

Don’t be afraid to exist.

From its first notes, The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds is an album that thrives on conflict. It’s there in the music itself: the one- and two-minute bursts of blistering hardcore like Prolonging The Inevitable Forever and first single Armed With Their Teeth, which are expertly butted up against cinematic, instrumental pieces to create a truly captivating musical push and pull. These more measured moments not only provide listeners a well-earned respite from the album’s punishing pace, but they showcase the mindset of a band unafraid to take left turns in their music.

Dissent permeates every word of Sgarbossa’s lyrics. While her work in the past tended to focus more externally – channeling white-hot rage into middle-fingered political salvos – the darkness coloring Sgarbossa’s life around the making of the album, including suicide, mental illness, and addiction, helped her refocus her voice and begin looking more inward for inspiration.

The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds is ultimately the most honest, introspective SeeYouSpaceCowboy music yet: a heartbreaking look at coping with tragedy, as well as the resolve and strength needed to push past sorrow. It gives SeeYouSpaceCowboy an added layer of humanity in an otherwise outwardly hostile genre and marks immense leaps in both musical and personal growth.

SeeYouSpaceCowboy is Jesse Price (guitar), Connie Sgarbossa (vocals), Ethan Sgarbossa (drums), Bryan Prosser (guitar), and Cameron Phipps (bass).

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