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Reading’s DEATH WARRANT blend blackened brutality into hardcore, discuss new EP “vs the World”, modern hardcore and more

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Reading, UK based DEATH WARRANT started as a side project of Joe and Chris from Black Skies Burn (Oxford/Didcot gridcore band) about 5 years ago and after one EP, one split release, and after a couple of replacements they’re back with a solidified line-up and brand new EP, delivering some of the heaviest and most venomous forms of metal filled hardcore you can get. Their new EP “vs the World” was released by Mark My Words (UK) and Bound By Bodern Age (DE) in December 2019 and we took this chance to sit down with them and ask for more details about this project, as well as share some insights on each and every track. Check out our feature below and stay tuned for their new upcoming cover song of “Dom” by Polish hardcore vets SCHIZMA, which will be realased soon via Hardcore Tattoo Records.

Bart has joined the band at the very beginning and is only original member from that period. He knew Emil from London based .absorption., the other project he was involved in. Emil brought Damian who soon after was replaced by Jez (Of.Corpse – Reading based, death/grindcore). In the meantime Joe and Chris left. Ash (vox) and Karl (guitar) joined in 2018 and after recording 2 Eps we had a short breake. Jez and Karl were gone. Hamish and Damian joined after we got back together in 2019.

At the moment none of us is involved in any side projects except Hamish who plays guitar for Dead Man’s Chest from Northampton. Check out their crushing new EP “Dear God” HERE.

Regarding past project, I think only Damian had some band experience with K.A.S.K from Poland and Bart was in few bands (Destiny Can Wait, Stray Dog Strut, Counterfaith and Zlosliwy Pomruk Odbytnicy). In the future we have some shows booked all over UK and short visit in France with our friends in Ballkick (London hardcore).

When it comes to our plans for 2020, we’re just starting to write our first full length album and looking to get that rolling also just play lots of shows and try get few tours. As any other band we would like to get to places with our music, travel the world and bring some joy to the listener. Play good shows, make friends and have fun.

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DEATH WARRANT vs the world

Burn this city down – influences by a lot of black metal , lots of eerie noises , and few areas to get moving. The lyrical side is mainly around the government, Brexit and how messed up UK is due to the people running the political parties.

War – very thrashy fast song , few blasts and lots of tremolo picking then a nice groove. Lyrics are about the state of our generation, people being ignorant and easy to manipulate.

Ignorants – very breakdown / slam influenced with a slayerish opening riff. This one is more emotional as the lyrics are pretty much focused around a bad breakup and the anger you feel.

All we know – the most melodic song on the EP, catchy lead with heavy hitting drums behind it, good heavy breakdown at the end makes you wish to smash everything around you. Again, more emotional side of the band here as the lyrics are about all those depressing thing that make us feel miserable.

UK hardcore/metal scene and the meaning of hardcore nowadays:

I think that overall scene in the UK is good. We have plenty of bands, labels and people doing things around hardcore. I will just say it first, so we can get it out of the way and move on to others. We, as a band, put a charity show in Reading to support Project Child Save – a non profit organisation from US fighting child traffickers. 100% of the profits go to the charity and every band travel and play for free. We were honoured to have Ballkick, Jawless, Owl Your Life, Hope Through Hostility, Inhuman Nature and Stone Hand involved so far. That shows that we have here bands who do more than just play music. They walk the talk. And I am happy to see that there are more and more charity show being organised in UK. It looks like being in a band has more meaning again.

I (Bart) was born and raised in Poland so my perspective can be a bit twisted and harsh but I can see that less and less people is involved in real life scene. There is less people coming to shows, less awarness and comitement. As usuall we have plenty people traveling to see a band but none of the locals are attending. There is more drama over the internet than anything else. I think the meaning of what hardcore is was last in many. There are still those who believe in it and live by it but IMHO more people play hardcore based music and see it as a career path than actual “mission”.

Bands we listen:

The Issues, Thy Art Is Murder, Knocked Loose, Fit For An Autopsy, Parkway Drive, Batushka, Burzum, Mgla, Behemoth, Madball, Nasty, CDC, Xile, Buldoze Beatdown, Minor Threat, Biohazard, Jesus Piece, Sevendust, Childish Gambino, Dezerter and many many more.

Bands worth a check:

Well, we have already mentioned Dead Man’s Chest and their new release. You could also give a go to “Carcosa” by and “Chamber of Judgement” by Hive Mind.

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