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With its recent compilation “Third Concourse”, Confusion Specialist Records cements an identity of its own!

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The moment I talked to Filip Stojiljkovic, I knew his new DIY label Confusion Specialist Records would be able to help us reach a new level of comfort with even more independent artists and underground discoveries of all kinds. Conceived as a series of episodes exploring differrent niches, styles and stages of musical explorations, the label’s recent compilation dubbed “Third Concourse” offers an impressive variety of corrosive soundscapes, bathed in dangerous and bizarre substances, and ultimately serves as guided meditation leading to the darkest corners of the psyche. Listen below and scroll down to see the official commentary from Filip, as well a handful of bands that took part in this project.

CSR#3 – Third Concourse” is a third continuation of Confusion Specialist Compilation series, released in mid June 2017, featuring 31 artists, whose varied aesthetics form a compelling avenue for adventurous sonic exploration. Very rarely does a compilation album seem to adopt a skin of its own, breathing a new breed of life outside its singular particles. Confusion Specialist Records somehow manages to develop its mission with a unique style.

Confusion Specialist Records’ founder Filip Stojiljkovic commented:

The idea is to showcase diversity of music this label is for and to give recognition each band needs as means to share with people here. I have added my music there such as Crimson Cream and Eva Ras, so to speak.

The fact that it continues to excite me (lol) is that i am in favor of help giving each bands some light to my audience, especially in my homeland.

Continued below…

Filip Stojiljkovic continued:

Let’s start with CRIMSON CREAM – another great experimental project i worked on with Julian of Econore records. He released my first project weareallslaves’ second s/t EP. And later on, he asked me to contribute to this project. It was a real fun. We have released our first tape ‘The Solifugae Nest’ (which i re-released on CSR recently). The first track is the special kind of sassy and weird in this ritual industrial piece.

FUCK WHITE GOD is a brilliant grindcore from LA, California, which i was invited by their vocalist Krist, who is a fantastic guy.

VILE INTENTIONS are just new in grindcore scene. They pretty much kick ass. This is a track which they have recorded for and I am sure to be waiting for another material.

лектрик Мишка from Belarus is a really energetic Noise Rock/Post-Hardcore in the likes of UNWOUND and a bit of Deluxx Folk Implosion. Pretty cool stuff.

MERENUME from Finland used to be named as Telekom Basketball. I have released a two releases by them. Recently, they have sent me their latest EP and it sounded so much better. Very dark and properly recorded. Their first track is a superb choice for this comp.

HUERFANXS from Zaragoza is also welcome to join this comp as i have released their debut release on tape. They play melodic post-hardcore with the likes of Boysetsfire and Thursday, whathaveyou, etc. I am kinda glad to be working with them. [IDIOTEQ: we covered HUERFANXS at this location]

ASH U RA, a side project of Orquesta Pandroginia (previously Oliver Tate) from Chile, made this track for the comp. We have frequently worked together in the last few years, So i am more than happy to share my friend some light.

MAR NEGRO, a duo from Costa Rica have recently released their EP Verano 2017 and are one of the few to contact my CSR facebook page. I thought they have a sweet sound deeply rooted with early screamo so i took them in. [IDIOTEQ: we covered MAR NEGRO at this location]

As in EVA RAS, my band, I made this track specifically for the comp. A bit less grindy than my latest S/T but it works well.

BLACK KNIGHT SATELLITE from Canada share with the members with Terrifying Girls’ High School, one of my latest discoveries (which I reviewed on DIY Conspiracy). This 30-second song fullfilled with dischorded sassiness totally fits the label’s aesthetics, so i took them in as well.

GENDO IKARI from UK (which I also wrote a review on), play a seriously menacing grindcore with death metal influences and name-checking Evangelion’s worst villain and the biggest douchebag of a father (sorry, Shinji :( ).

MR. HAMMER – a one man cybergrind/screamo from New Jersey, created by an ex-drummer of The Number Twelve Looks Like You and a really good friend Chree Kingslayer. I’ve put out his first album on CSR which he made a long time ago. He recently made a new track and it sounds rather more improved and promising.

DESTINED are real good friends of mine from Chicago who play the undeservedly underrated post-rock/screamo. Their track ‘Over fed’ appeared in one of our favorite splits ever made.

SVARTA STUGAN from Sweden are sort of like GYBE with Twin Peaks undertones. They are having their latest EP coming out in Fall and i will be distributing them via Tapes. [GO HERE to see IDIOTEQ features on SVARTA STUGAN]

SRIBA BOYS and ton reve are both from Russia – one is hardcore, another is screamo. Both are shared by a good friend Oleg who played in both bands.

WORST DAYS from Rhode Island is really rad. I have helped putting out their discography on Tape for their Europe Tour. The frontman matthew (previously played in Terror Eyes) had previously said they would come in Serbia to perform, but due to some complications, it is unlikely they would come, thus keeping their tour list locations short. Though i am saddened to hear that they didn’t managed to get booked in here, i will look forward to see them next time. [GO HERE too read an IDIOTEQ interview with WORST DAYS]

Artists coming from ex-yu countries, regardless of which music they make are NIKE EYES (Serbia), MALISA BAHAT (Croatia), g r k l j a n (Serbia), DOSIS LETALIS (Serbia), LEFERNA & SOUND_00 (Macedonia).

NIKE EYES are some of the coolest people from the Belgrade avant-garde collective. They have released three tape releases under Kabinet 913 so far.

g r k l j a n is this interesting avant-garde one man project created by Damjan Stefanovic of radost-stradanje. He is currently touring under that band name with eaglehaslanded.

ZAGA ZAGA are this really awesome hardcore band, one of the first, actually, to come from Israel. Their self-titled is just so refreshing to hear.  Absolutely the best. [GO HERE to see our features on ZAGA ZAGA]

THE WORST IS YET TO COME is a female fronted screamo from Ukraine. Artyem shared their stuff on one of my groups and said they were looking for a band to make a split with and i was the one to start working with them.

Artists representing 4 bands that took part in the project added:

Charlie Vasquez of ASH U RA – Well… it was nice, as always when I do something with Confusion Specialist. I worked in many projects with the label and there’s always a nice feedback. It’s cool to see so many different bands in one comp and it’s a nice way of checking out other projects that have worked with the label in other releases.

Mike Dzielski of VILE INTENTIONS – I enjoyed being on the comp, more exposure for my own project, and more exposure for everyone else involved who were all pretty great.

Denis of THE WORST IS YET TO COME – We were looking for some band to split with us and i met Filip thru Artyem. Later on, he asked us to appear on this comp and now our track “miss me?” is there. That track from our first release “continuation afterwards” was recorded in april 2017. Honestly, i think the comp shows great oppourtunity in giving us a bit of recognition. It’s not just screamo, there’s plenty of weird stuff going on, such as noise, ambient, grindcore and so on.

Chree of MR. HAMMER – Well, I’ve just made that Mr. Hammer song in a few days since I wanted a new song on there and get Mr. Hammer heard. I’ve had one of my older songs and appeared in the previous comp and then released my EP after.

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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