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REDOUND – “Us Against The World” video

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Beatdown hardcore pack REDOUND have premiered a new music video for their new song “Us Against The World”, coming from the band’s upcoming record “The Endgame”, featuring guest appereance from Tim Louth from Brittish band COLD HARD TRUTH.

Catch the band at Mixtape venue in Sofia this Saturday, November 26th with MERIDIAN RUN, 8 M/S,  and MELEKH.


No hope for the blood of the innocent
Only bloodshed remains

Confront the ashes of the fallen by the terror
With each passing day life’s worth decreases

It’s us against the world
Till death do us part

Sworn in secrecy
Lies the conspiracy
To crush the voice of reason
And break us apart

And with the fear of tomorrow
Minds will fold to grief and sorrow
Vengeance boils running deep
Far beneath the bone and marrow

It’s us against the world
Till death do us part

Nowhere to run

Everything that we do, we do to ourselves
Everything that’s coming – we asked for

REDOUND hardcore


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