“Respect Your Roots” compilation details! Check it out!

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Pre-orders for the new amazing “Respect Your Roots” compilation will be up later this week via Strength Records (run by Onno Cro-Mag and Roger Miret). This is a continuation of the legendary compilation of Belgian bands covering hardcore/metal classics, released back in 2001.

respect your roots

Check out the track listing:

1 Agnostic Front – Blitzkrieg Bop (The Ramones)
2 Coldside – Tied Down (Negative Approach)
3 Street Dogs – GOP (Menace)
4 Terror – Last Warning (Agnostic Front)
5 Dropkick Murphys – Badlands (Bruce Springsteen)
6 Pro-pain – Party In Paris (U.K. Subs)
7 Misconduct – Don’t Drag Me Down (Social Distortion)
8 Wisdom In Chains – I Believe In Miracles (The Ramones)
9 Beowulf – Diplomatic Immunity (G.B.H.)
10 Good Riddance – I Am On Fire (Chelsea)
11 Peter Pan Speedrock – New Rose (The Damned)
12 Ringworm – The Nightmare Continues (Discharge)
13 Flatfood 56 – Spirit Of The Streets (The Business)
14 the Crimson Ghosts – Sick Of You (Gwar)
15 No Turning Back – Ready To Fight (Negative Approach)
16 Rancid – Someone’s Gonna Die (Blitz)
17 Hard Resistance – Reaganomics (Discharge)
18 Napalm Death – Lifeline (Sacrilege)
19 Razorblade – 45 Revolutions (Blitz)
20 The Bones – Punch You In The Face (The Child Molesters
21 The Other – Forbidden Beat (Bad Religion)
22 Generators – Outlaw (Chron Gen)
23 The Old Firm Casuals – Pride (Madball)
24 Unseen – Violence In Our Minds (The Last Resort)
25 Biohazard – Where Eagles Dare (Misfits)
26 Bonecrusher – Where The Hell Is Babylon(Cockney Rejects)
27 Freddy Madball – London Calling (The Clash)
28 Deafness By Noise – Livin’ In The City (Fear)
29 Hudson Falcons – A Town Called Malice (The Jam)
30 Death By Stereo – Soulcraft (Bad Brains)
31 Red Alert – Groovy times (The Clash)
32 Maddogs – Fight To Live (Blitz)

Here’s the cover art of the 2001 compilation:

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