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RISE AND FALL call it quits!

With 12 years of being together, RISE AND FALL have decided to part their ways. After giving us 4 strong and memorable full length albums and 2 EPs, they decided to focus on new projects and shelve previously announced plans to release a new RISE AND FALL record. Check out the official word below.

Live photo by Paco Weekenstroo.

Remember when we said we were writing a new record? Well, we were,… and then we weren’t,… and now we have decided to shelve all Rise And Fall plans for the time being. Sorry ’bout that. However there are 4 new bands with Rise And Fall members coming into fruition right now. So stay tuned to this page to find out what we are up to.


RISE AND FALL had a huge, positive influence on numerous worldwide hardcore bands. Despite the harsh nature of their announcement, I am very excited to see the ban members moving forward and developing their creative plans. Stay tuned to hear more from their camp and listen to some of their new bands.

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