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Sad Sessions with muddy post hardcore act NATIVE LUNGS

We’ve already served you an introduction of this new gloomy post hardcore act from Warsaw, and we’re pleased to give you a proper follow up! Constantly weaving in and out of many interesting projects, it can’t be hard to get excited about the latest offshoot and live session project from NATIVE LUNGS.

Dubbed Sad Sessions, the new initiative was created by Sady collective, a Żoliborz, Warsaw based group of friends firmly associated with the city’s underground and independent music scene. The alchemy that radiates from their debut session equals the original elements of NATIVE LUNGS‘ post hardcore inspirations, yet also skews new and different. We have teamed up with the band to get into the details of each of the three new tracks and give you an insightful, first-hand commentary on their thoughtful lyrics below!

Catch the band live on September 24th alongside MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE. The gig will take place at Pogłos and is being presented by WiniaryBookings. Also, don’t forget to check out the band’s releases so far at their official Bandcamp.

Sad Sessions #1


Double barrel/Opened Gates/
Reclaim the distance/Reclaim the stolen goods/
Prometheus dance/Reclaim the distance/
Reclaim the stolen goods/Free yourself from the vivid chains/
Sandbox/Hoax/Free yourself from the vivid chains/

This song is not a typical hardcore anthem or punkish protest song. There’s more to that story. It has more metaphorical than literal meaning. Allegories to various levels of human consciousness. It also has more than one meaning for me. It is hard to describe literally but i will try to do it as good as i can. This song is about dealing with traumas. It is about bargaining with the demons of your inner sanctum. It is about critical thinking. It is about the power of will. It is about having strength to act on behalf of your moral compass. It is about acknowledging the whole spectrum of oppression. It is about killing something that is killing you. It is about being aware of your body. It is about ancient methods which could help you deal with your problems. It is about falling on the ground and catching another breath before you can continue your struggle. It is about burden. It is also about how much i suck trying to fit chaos and space into such a small box that is our sandbox

Particular Interests

But you we’re wrong/You we’re goddamn wrong/
Taking me for a fool/
I always thought that the deck was stacked against us/
Stacked against us/
Do we ever played in the same team/

This song is about failure. The first person that failed me was my father. Life was passing by, I’ve failed some people and some people failed me. Some of them were not worth failing and some of them were. I’ve escaped gloomy fate which was the daily bread of youth in my district. Mostly because of punk scene and some other things which kept me from being sucked into that void. The same void that took my father. It is hard and heartbreaking when you’re so helpless and you can’t help your loved ones. When your hands are tied. It is truly demiurgic joke when the history repeats itself or it is just our little monkey brain trying to figure it out? So i escaped into the hardcore/punk scene. It became my spiritual haven. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people there. Some of them inspired me and are still a big inspiration for me and probably the rest of the guys from NL. Bands like Post Regiment, Klinika, Guernica y Luno, Ewa Braun, Sanctus Iuda, Homomilitia, Sunrise or Daymares provided me with that pure energy of sincerity and that grim positive mental attitude. Life was passing by. Everything was changing, and I can’t recall when exactly those cotton candy times ended. When did I noticed the first scratches? I’ve realized that people brought all the shit from the outside with them here. Every single thing from which I’ve always wanted to escape was already here. Good lookin’, pimped covers and the books with empty pages or worse. I still think that majority of the scene is okay. I know and respect a lot of activists but I’m not blind. It’s not exactly a safe haven as I thought it was in the first place. There’s no escape from human flaws. Some of anarchists are driven by the exact same crooked, power trips like the politicians, banksters and corporate CEO’s. They create new status quo. Some antifascists are just small town mentality witch hunters who judge even their own people on behalf of moral highground. They brand you like a cattle with their dumb, binary rhetoric when they can’t find anyone better worth their attention at the time. They have this copper mentality.

Nowadays these witch hunts became a parody of antifascist movement. Back in 90’s boneheads could beat the shit out of you. Real threat is on the streets where fascist movements want to steal the memorial of Warsaw Uprising for their political purposes. This is absurd, because the struggle was always against the right wing totalitarian ideas. People should focus on the real problems but they just keep on throwing shit at whomever they find fit to provide entertainment on their social media pages. Underground music scene ( including electronic music ) is flooded with accusations. People are using those accusations to reach more potential followers. They made antifascism a tool for personal vendettas. Public relations gimmick. They’re so fuckin’ lucky that they know struggle with fascism only from the internet and empty declarations. P.C. knights riding on their personal computers. You should check this social media faux pas with CD Projekt Red comment about their newest game – Cyberpunk 2077. This is nuts. I know that kids who are different have problems in school. They have rough times. Everyday’s passive aggression and bullying from the other kids. That is the real problem. Everything lies on the shoulders of the teachers. When i was a kid i had great, closely involved teachers. People who were inspiration for me when i was a mess after my father passed away. I know a lot scenesters, members of hardcore/punk bands who are teachers. I know they’re doing a great job but there are so many other people in the scene who are locked up in their ghettos. They are locked up in their siege mentality. They’re afraid of new people. People which they don’t know. That was always a big issue in that secret society. Fuckin’ elitism. People seek pinatas to heal their psychological lacks and complexes. They just can’t stop power trippin’. We’re trapped by our urges. Time passes by and you realize that people are just people. They play with what they’ve got and are hoping they would win more. They’re not trying to get to the bottom of things. They’re shallow with what they perceive. You realize that you shouldn’t count that people wouldn’t trade convictions for general lack of seriousness, foolishness and frivolty. Bow before cult of individuality. Hopeless snowflakes would rather trade solidarity for their particular interests. You shouldn’t put so much faith in humanity. You shouldn’t have high expectations. We’re just people. One thing is for certain – we are temporary.

Grey Hounds

Those empty streets/Those hallowed grounds/
Those bricks/These concrete walls/
Those grey hounds/Those grey hauls/
Cursed grounds/Those violent things people do to each other/
Weapons of mass destruction/No common grounds/
Those grey hounds without common grounds/

Half of our band was born and raised in Warsaw. We are a band from middle eastern Europe. As bad as it sounds this is the heaviness of this song. This is the war-hound blues. I think it is not coincidence that the polish developers invented that game – This War of Mine. Surviving the war from the perspective of the civilian is a hell on earth. This land was bled almost to death. From the Hungarian movie Satan’s Tango through the the folk songs from the occupied Warsaw which was nearly destroyed by the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe to the feelings of solidarity with Kurd’s in Rojava. This is the heavy weight of the world. From blitzkrieg to the Yalta and cold war to selling arms in modern Syrian conflict. I can’t pick a country which so successfully lost a war in the history of mankind as Germany. Some people are making big money there on running arms. Germany is so politically correct nowadays but they sell weapons to Erdogan in Turkey. Fundamentalists, nationalistic government or narcos. Power hungry people are always perceiving people as cattle. I’ve just ended the last season of El Chapo. This is what lies underneath the facade. I still can’t believe that the plot is so brutally sincere. This is below ground zero. I know that this is probably internal affair ( of actual ruling coupe in USA ) to throw shit at the corrupted Mexican government but, whoooa that shit is really a nasty one.

This song show that you could be led astray by the tides of history. I was raised in rather harsh environment, I graduated college but I’m aware that I didn’t capitalize my education. My frustration is one thing, but the second one is being sociologically aware of how young people are being played. That really gets me even more depressed. On the other hand today people from Poland are really lucky in comparison to their grandfathers and grandmothers. It is sad how quickly we forget what ideas waged the second world war. Everyone declare that their remember. They don’t remember shit. Their bellies are full and their life isn’t being put at stake. They hate people from Ukraine but they can’t get it that those people are fleeing from war. Same exact thing that happened to us ( Poles ) in WWII.

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