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Scotland The Brave: Scottish violent grind hardcore punks FREEDOM FIST break down their new political manifest EP

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There’s nothing punk about simply taking to social media to voice your anger and concerns about the systems that are failing you. There’s nothing punk about simply writing songs for profit that latch onto people’s fears and distrust of the government and those who wish to stifle our voices. FREEDOM FIST exists to provide a soundtrack to any voice that needs heard, and to mobilise those in the band’s home nation of Scotland towards the necessary separation from the Union, Westminster, and the fucking Crown.

Pissed off, pissed up, and vehement, FREEDOM FIST aims the aforementioned piss at those who continue to allow these fascists-in-the-making into powerful positions, the inbred Germanics who occupy Buckingham Palace, and the slick, serpentine cunts who have forcibly tried to stifle Scotland’s push for independence. It’s not all bagpipes, tartan and pride however. The heroin epidemic, culture of violence, and sectarian servitude of the Glasgow football rivalry all have sharp stabs taken towards them. Scotland isn’t a blissful utopian paradise, but it can be. Not just for the Scottish, but for any and all who wish to make Alba their home in a post Union world. Short, fast, abrasive tracks that embody the attitude and aggression of those who want a prosperous, autonomous Scotland. Hostility designed to rile support from those who might still sit on the fence. Mini anthems for a small nation that has and always will be a global hotspot of art, culture, and humanitarian ventures. Fuckin’ catchy stuff too. D-beats, blasts, wretched and tormented vocals, scummy guitars and blown out bass.

The FREEDOM FIST EP is out now via Ripcord Records and serves a great treat for fans of Vaccine, The Exploited, and standing on Tory necks.

Freedom Fist

Comments the band: “Our loud and proud belief that Scotland can be an autonomous, sovereign nation of people without outside control and oppression scares and/or offends you? This is because either you are a bootlicking cuck for the system – brainwashed using your innate cowardice and fear of change – or you are one of the people who stands to lose something from the systems of power being demolished and reconstructed; yet you are unwilling to give what extra you have to people who have nothing. Not all people who stand to lose something are opposed to change, for they can accept small losses for the greater good of the many.

If you are the former, worry not, we will forgive you. If you are the latter, you better be ready to repent. If you are a ‘liberal’ who thinks our beliefs are ‘too extreme’, how extreme does our oppression have to be before we get your holy commendation to do something about it? Literally, please tell us. We want to know.”



See the full commentary and track by track rundown below:

“At FREEDOM FIST HQ, we fucking love punk and grind and powerviolence. We also abso-fucking-lutely hate the Tories. We combined this love and hate into the selection of songs you have before you. We’re pretty fond of them.

We’re sick of Westminster fat cat cunts sticking their Eton-bred noses into Scotland’s affairs and we’re more than sick of the Queen and all of her shallow gene-pool offspring poncing around like they actually fucking matter. The fact is – Scotland will be independent of England and the Union. It’s just a matter of time now.

Scotland has and will always be a safe home for those who wish to live alongside proud Scots. Let’s make it an even better home for everyone already here, and a more attractive prospect to those who are on the fence. If that means we have to turn the spotlight back on ourselves to fix the problems within our shores, so be it. We have to be prepared for that too.

No more Tory fingers in our pies. No more monarchy. No more sectarianism.

Just more blastbeats and d-beats, ta.”


Right from the jump, this one’s pretty self-explanatory. Just under fourteen million of you voted Conservative in the 2019 election. Explain yourselves.


Scotland’s fondness for a violent rammy on a weekend night/any other time of the week isn’t one we’re particularly proud of; this one’s written from the perspective of someone who’s taken that fondness to a whole new level. But if you think we’re glorifying senseless violence, you’ve taken the bait and now have Scotch egg on your face.


The greatest (and most ridiculous) divide in our country is the Old Firm split. Kids raised to hate an entire group of people because they wear a different coloured football top than the one their family does. The worst offenders? The ones who base their entire personality around their club. You’re not making thousands of pounds a week, you’re sitting at home watching Sky Sports in your manky tracksuit, you cunt.


Safe to say we have a few bones to pick with the Tory government, but we’ve also got a big fucking problem with everyone who keeps voting them back in. Call it a sequel of sorts to “14 MILLION CUNTS”, we promise we’ll stop being mean when you stop cutting off your entire face to spite the “loony leftie” down the street or at your work. If you’re one of those sneaky cunts who still votes Tory when you’ve said you would never, this one’s all about you.


The wrinkled, inbred skin of the Monarchy needs peeled back to expose exactly what this cabal of leeches truly are. We don’t recognise the Royal Family as anything other than a financial drain – one that continues to brush their history of rape, plundering, and explotiation under their expensive, child-labour produced rugs. You can’t throw a corgi down a hall of Buckingham Palace without hitting a paedophile rapist.


We’ve all seen Trainspotting. Did it glamourise the abuse of heroin? Maybe. What we know for sure is that we have to do better in dealing with addiction. Every time someone jams a needle in their veins or lights up a rip of tin-foil that Loch gets a little bit deeper, and we need to drain it. Poverty, crime, drug abuse. All are linked to austerity. Austerity forced on us by – you guessed it – decades of Tory scum filling their pockets with cash meant for our health services.


A “once in a lifetime” referendum? Get fucked. No voters were led down a rabbit hole of false promises, paper-thin reasons and mass-manipulation by the media. We will have our second referendum and we will be screaming about it even louder the nearer we get to it. Reframing The Exploited’s “UK82” for this purpose made the most sense. Because yeah, we still fucking hate Thatcher too.

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