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SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY share new single “Painting A Clear Picture From A Unreliable Narrator”

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Self-proclaimed “sasscore” band SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY has shared the new single “Painting A Clear Picture From A Unreliable Narrator” ahead of their forthcoming split with post-hardcore act If I Die First. The new album “A Sure Disaster” is set to be released on May 14th via Pure Noise Records and features recent singles “bloodstainedyes” (SYSC x IIDF) and “My Nightmares Would Do Numbers As Horror Movies” (IIDF). For more information or to pre-order the split, please visit HERE.

“We are really excited to share this track because I think it serves as a good sample for how we have been approaching music for SYSC for the future”, shares vocalist Connie Sgarbossa. “Over quarantine we spent a lot of time writing and discussing what we wanted to do moving forward and we came to the conclusion we wanted to create something that was distinctly us again”. She continues: “So we explored combining the old elements that we identified most with us back in the day, the sass and hectic weird nature and played around with pairing that with more melody and emotion and I think this track is indicative of that evolution of us as a band as well as reclaiming our identity”.

Combining the MySpace-era grind sound they loved as teenagers with more modern takes on the heavy music genre, the California-based SeeYouSpaceCowboy formed in October 2016 as a self-described “indulgence project” — but have since risen to become one of the most exciting bands in the underground scene’s new wave.

They’ve done so not only through a devastatingly heavy and dextrous hardcore sound, but also razor-sharp lyricism at the hands of frontwoman Connie Sgarbossa. The satirical, tongue-in-cheek and highly political writing of the band’s early material earned them the genre tag sasscore, but Sgarbossa bares her soul more explicitly than ever on SeeYouSpaceCowboy’s latest album, “The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds”.

“The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds” is ultimately the most honest, introspective SeeYouSpaceCowboy music yet: a heartbreaking look at coping with tragedy, as well as the resolve and strength needed to push past sorrow. It gives SeeYouSpaceCowboy an added layer of humanity in an otherwise outwardly hostile genre and marks immense leaps in both musical and personal growth.

SeeYouSpaceCowboy is Connie Sgarbossa (vocals), Ethan Sgarbossa (guitar), Taylor Allen (bass), and AJ Tartol (drums).

“Painting A Clear Picture From A Unreliable Narrator” lyrics:

with every stitch you sew the pain.
you wanna tell the story tell it right.
bleeding for the background.
your jaded memoir tapestry.
so submerged It’s not a lost cause…
(I don’t want to drown in the plot…)
if there never was a point at all.
dawn your armor you’re still war.
there’s still no peace you can’t repent.
and so the silence begins to fade away.
our shallow breath no longer paints the space.
don’t say it again.
our lives are enchained.
Breaking the frame the picture’s escaping I don’t feel a thing.
burn me with all your memories.
I was left inside the loss.
I must confess this took a turn who are we talking… about?
the plot is thrashing me around.
won’t someone please end the story?
swearing by a needle and a thread.
our desperate patchwork.
we say we’re healing this is our masterpiece.
it’s me and you it’s you and I just.
standing there so let’s take aim pull the trigger.
all stories must end.
Breaking the frame the picture’s escaping I don’t feel a thing.
Burn me with all your memories.
Swallowing force-fed lies like broken glass. Your bleeding eyes stare right back.
I swear I’ll never be the same I’m fading away.
no, I can’t rest conversations with myself.
so sew my lips shut tight only violence from my voice.
So shut your fucking mouth.

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