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Skypusher – THE SOUTHERN ORACLE stage their biggest offering with a blistering new single!

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THE SOUTHERN ORACLE grew out of Budapest’s metal and hardcore community 9 years ago, gradually delving deep into metallic hardcore terrain with an epic soundscapes and unparallered aggression that nodded at the greats of the heavyweight hybrid genre. After a number of releases, including the pulverizing “Icebreaker” EP (2015), the band is about to unleash their third full-length, a yet-to-be-titled record that comes out three years since their last proper release and and tours with HARM’S WAY and single shows with Sepultura, Hatebreed, Walls of Jericho or Deez Nuts. Today, we’re thrilled to give you their first returning single “Skypusher”, a crushing new track that further cements the Oracle’s reputation as a heavy band on the rise. While their previous EP, Blind Messiah was a self-released B-side collection of three remarkable songs, their long-awaited full-length will deserve the wait.

The new LP from THE SOUTHERN ORACLE is slated for a December release and marks the band’s epic concept album with an Eastern-European Peter Pan storyline, where the young couldn’t grow up without any role models to follow. It will be released along with a comic book, written and drawn by the tattoo artist singer, Barnabás (aka Barber’s Art). It reflects on the ongoing political and ecological trends of our everyday lives and sonically is highly inspired by the 90s metal/hardcore scene. Here’s what Barnabás had to say about the song:

This is a song about the modern world’s old problems, the ever-evil leaders in charge and the rebels to wouldn’t settle for dirt. Doesn’t matter how advanced the technology that surrounds us, we cannot build a better world because we still make the same mistakes, and it all comes down to the primal problem: the unappeasable thirst for money and power. The trench between the haves and the have-nots is getting wider, and the ones at the bottom are getting crushed while the ones on the top are monitoring everything to make one thing sure: it’s always going to be their game.

I write about things around me and as I grow up I experience more and more, so my lyrics are evolving and moving to more serious territories. I think it’s important to carry the torch, get the attention to those who need it, because, as Da Vinci said, nothing strengthens authority as much as silence.

THE SOUTHERN ORACLE cover by Barber's Art, aka Barnabás, singer of the band
THE SOUTHERN ORACLE cover by Barber’s Art, aka Barnabás, singer of the band

We chose this song to be the first single because it’s like the whole record; raw and has the whirling power that can drive you as far you wouldn’t dare to go, and make you stop at nothing. All the songs are going to be like a massive noise that may have an impact on the surface of this caged world full of blindfolded people. I talk about personal and political matters, and as the booklet is going to be a comic book, I tried to make the message clearer and heavier with the dramatised drawings.

The concept is like a post-apocalyptic Peter Pan world, where every person on Earth remains a child, as our generation has a lack of inspiring, grown-up role models to follow, and this idea goes through various aspects in every song.


evil is the root of all money growing from the blackest soil. no way to cut it. od’d on reign. selfish axe bleeds out cocaine. mind awake, body asleep. chaos between periods of space. snow white doves circling around, shitting all over your cameras. cctv in operation, recording feedstock for the mixture. censured, cut, teased and victimised. screening in hd to paralyse. like miracles on a church ceiling, or as demons who live in basements merging in the darkness. it’s a post apocalyptic nightmare. number of the beast is no more 666, only 1s and 0s, countless digits. leaders of tomorrow shaping the world for us. cgi tanks fighting wars that are already lost. the king has his reign, then he dies, the only question is: on his knees or standing tall? heavenwards. neon gods. i keep pushing towards the sky, just keep talking you rat fucks.

“if you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. otherwise, it’s not.“ – elon musk


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