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10 things that inspired… the final EP from mathcore/metalcore wizards THE NIETZSCHE!

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Way too underrated and known from bringing poetry to progressive metalcore and mathcore fusion, Odessa based THE NIETZSCHE have outdone themselves with their latest EP “Finals”, which sadly marks their final offering. Their new record takes us into the wilderness of their own mixture of styles and just like their pioneers’ landmark works, it pushes the boundaries of musical forms and perfects the fierce, yet very smartly crafted intensity of their unique style.

It’s a rare feat for a mathcore jam to paint a picture that’s broad but powerful at the same time, but these guys have done it here. Again. And supposedly for the last time. We caught up with THE NIETZSCHE to once again give nod to their amazing work and give you 10 things that inspired “Finals”! Play it loud and read up the first-hand commentary below.

10 things that inspired Finals.

Each Other

The concept of this band has always been to hang out together more. We are all past our youth ages, so it’s an adult routine life for us. But not with this band. We get to act childish again, to have fun, to let it all go. I believe that this is the greatest inspiration we had recording Finals. and you can actually hear it.


Yeah, it’s all about mathcore, baby! We’ve started making music because we loved the genre. I’ve always been a big fan of The Dillinger Escape Plan starting with the Mike Patton EP, and it warms my heart that many of our fans heard this influence right off the bet. Five years ago when we started this band it was the most innovative genre, not so much right now. But still there is lots of great bands old and new that are still making amazing mathcore music.


First off, let me explain. All this poetry thing began with me being too lazy to write any lyrics for this band. But eventually it became more that this. The challenge and the idea of using someone else’s poems as lyrics, famous poems by legendary poets is exhilarating. Putting other man’s words into our music is like giving it more than one meaning, it adds different levels of perception.


By saying metalcore I mean Converge. Some may even say we’re biting their stuff, we don’t care. This band is life, and even we could manage to plagiarize their music, then it would mean we’re not that bad musicians after all. But no, we just love them too much.


It’s all about parties, you know. Every gig, every practice ends with it. We drink, we dance, we have terrible hangovers in the morning. It’s all part of the process.


Southern Hardcore

We discovered this genre with Every Time I Die way back in the days. A lot of the awesome music was released in that scene. We just love this feel of being careless and drunk that is pouring through the southern rock and hardcore music. There is always some strange sense of ease present in the riffs, it just gets us.

Having Fun

I think you can just look at us on stage. I mean the costumes, it’s ridiculous.

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Ukrainian Metal Scene

For the last couple of years I’ve been thinking about the Ukrainian metal scene a lot. It’s growing, it’s developing, it’s becoming more and more confident. I think we’re in the endless cycle of self-inspiring each other and making ourselves better. The sense of camaraderie and brotherhood is really strong in us, we really appreciate this.

Meme Culture

We’re basically communicating with memes nowadays. All of our Facebook page is full of the dankest memes you can find, we’re really proud of it.

Meme Culture

Vasyl Stus

Vasyl it the last song on our last EP, it’s gotta mean something. Vasyl Stus was Ukrainian poet repressed by Soviet regime, and starved to death in the Russian prison. His story means a lot to me, this is the conviction I hugely admire.

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