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“Start Again”: poetic indie mellow rockers TREEHOUSES premiere new single

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Our beloved Australian mellow rockers TREEHOUSES have just dropped a new single, ‘Start Again’, a delight in every way, surely a great forerunner of their future releases later this year.  Along with this, the band is heading on a four-show national tour to launch this track over March 14-17, booked by YEAH NAHHH. The tour will span Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and will culminate with a set at Canberra’s No Front Fences Festival. Check out the details below.

Treehouses are a four-piece indie/rock band that blend a multitude of genre-crossing elements to emerge with a sound consistently described as entirely unique. With members now spread across three of Australia’s states, Treehouses will leave you ‘wondering how a band has the audacity to be this good’ (Extended Family).

START AGAIN‘ is about the season of summer and everything that comes with it. Romance, regret, heartache, heat, late warm nights, the beach… We wrote this one last year and actually played it on a couple of tours before laying it down in the studio in July. The way that the song changed over time, specifically in its tone and mood, has really led to something we love. We finally got the track to a point we felt truly proud of, and it just captures this shimmering ‘end of summer’ energy that, in itself, is almost allegorical of the song’s creation.


The hot rain comes and summer begins to end, a slightly cooler breeze than we are used to drifts onto warm bodies.

The people are the same, but the air is changing. Skin soft and sticky, bikes locked up outside the pub, bank accounts unimpressed. Everything we did and didn’t do, moments we wish could last forever and those we wish had never happened.

Arms and legs propel me forward again, idle measures flowing into familiar rhythms of chaos. It is here that we start again.

TREEHOUSES live dates:

March 14th The Exeter Hotel ADELAIDE
March 15th The Yarra Hotel MELBOURNE
March 16th Low 302 SYDNEY
March 17th No Front Fences CANBERRA

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