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Street punk rockers WASTED BREATH deliver raw & tuneful LP on Blackhouse Records

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Raw and double-barreled direct street-punk that still manages to throw off melodies like a howitzer. Hailing from Spokane, WASTED BREATH has gotten co-signs from veteran bands including D.O.A., Swingin Utters and M.D.C. (whom they have shared stages with). The Spokane, Washington trio is a bit of a misnomer to their name. On their forthcoming Blackhouse Records (The Accused A.D., Slug Christ) self-titled album they excel at creating a pile-driver of direct, raw and yet tuneful street-punk with nary a wasted moment throughout.

Guitarist/vocalist Kyle Butler says:

“the group was formed as a conscious effort to write straight-forward punk rock, the filthy, underground stuff that co-existed with the hardcore scene.”

An example being the first single “You Tell Me” which just premiered via New Noise Magazine (link below) which Butler says is about “people who try and fill your head full of their own ideas about who you are and what you do.”

Writing primarily about relationships, though not in the romantic sense, other scenes of life that Butler hones on includes the freak-out culture we are living through in “Pontiac.” Second single “Street Puppies” had some inspiration from the kids he sees living in the street (which is a big issue in the Pacific Northwest) forming a relationship that one person knows is toxic and tries to disengage while the other person doesn’t realize what’s coming down on them.

Forming back in 2016 Wasted Breath is rounded out by Nick King (bass) and Dusty O’Brien (drums). The band has played steadily across Washington State and Oregon as Butler says:

“our sound allows us to play with a wide range of bands so we play on bills with punk bands, hardcore bands, alternative bands, psychobilly bands and go down well enough.”


Some notable bands who they have shared stages with include Swingin’ Utters, M.D.C., Nekromantix, The Vibrators and D.O.A. O’Brien said:

“we’re very proud that a few of our idols have asked for us specifically to open for them in Spokane.”

Head on over to the links below to get more info on the release and forthcoming shows.

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