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“Strip” – Atlanta metallic hardcore band HUBRIS CANNON premiere new song thourgh a harsh live performance video

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Atlanta-based chaotic metallic hardcore band Hubris Cannon, known for their heavy and intense sound, is unveiling their latest project—a 20-minute long nerd tantrum infused with harsh, screamo, post-hardcore, and metallic hardcore elements. Originally conceived as a quarantine solo endeavor, this grindy, no-bro hardcore experiment morphed into an explosive creation that thrashes in the space between Norma Jean and Norma Evangelium Diabol.

In their “Live at DRHQ” series, Hubris Cannon showcases their curated in-house live performances, filmed, recorded, and produced in their recently completed studio space. As part of the pilot, the band recorded two songs from their upcoming full-length release, and they have selected “Strip,” an unreleased track, for an exclusive video premiere. We’re stoked to give you the full stream of the video right here!

Hubris Cannon

The lineup for the performance includes Twitch (Lost Hours, Turn Cold, ex-Dropout, ex-Sons of Tonatiuh, ex-Velnias, ex-Young Beasts) on vocals and recorded instrumentation, Eric Roche (Lost Hours, ex-An Isle Ate Her, ex-Get Damned) and Zach Behan (Lost Hours, Pope Eyes, ex-Get Damned) on guitars, Brad Paul (Degradations) on bass, and Ryan Mintz (Degradations) on drums.

Hubris Cannon’s powerful and unconventional sound breaks away from extreme metal norms, drawing influences from hardcore, grindcore, crust, and sludge.

Critics have praised Hubris Cannon‘s refined yet unpredictable vision of metallic hardcore, highlighting their ability to merge different genres into a ferocious grind that resides in the space between hardcore and death metal.

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