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Sunsetter Sessions: DESCUBRIENDO A MR. MIME

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Constantly weaving in and out of great recordings, passionate live shows and various inspiring projects, it can be hard to get excited about the latest offshoot of hundreds of bands out there and their newest offerings. Every now and then, however, something unexpected comes forward, a chemistry that skews new and different. Enter post rockish screamo act DESCUBRIENDO A MR. MIME, who deliver a sound whose sum total is far greater than the parts. Today, 7 months after our insightful interview about their remarkable album “F” (out now on Dog KnightsZegema BeachSaltamarges, and Walking Is Still Honest.), we’re proud to unleash them upon the Web with their new live session video, recorded on July 30th at the Sunsetter Recording Studio in Bremen, Germany.

The band’s singer Rodrigo commented:

“Recording this session at Sunsetter Studio was one of the highlights from our tour last summer. It was arranged by Boneflower and we were super excited about it but didn’t knew too much about how was going to be. We met Fabian and the camera crew (Florian and Richie) right when we arrived because of course we were kind of late and everything from there flew so smoothly, even though we kept them working until very late at night haha. The recording room was a super nice wooden box filled with cool amps and a nice dinosaur. Boneflower went first as we drank some beers and ate bags of peanuts not aware that what would come next would be the hottest experience of the whole tour. And by hot I mean 40 degrees hot inside a room full of working amps and 8 people. We chose the 3 first songs of our last record “F”, named /1.4, /2, /2,8. As we explained on this same site, its a concept record that uses the light (or the absence of it) as a canvas to tell the story about two people and the relationship with bright and darkness. We’ve been playing those three songs as the opener of our shows for a while and decided that for this session we would do the same, no cuts, just one long take. It took 3 times with (and 2 long pauses to ventilate the boiling room) to do this but we managed to do it and we are so happy with the result. We want to thank again Fabian and the camera crew who were joined by the almighty Jaime (Boneflower’s drummer) for doing such a great job. As i said before, this was definitely a highlight of what will sadly be our last tour together, and will keep the memory of it forever. Descubriendo a Mr. Mime is a screamo band from madrid that started on 2008 when we knew basically anything about what being in a band meant and that will split up this December. But not after playing one last show with Boneflower on the 7th December in Madrid at sala Sirocco”

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