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Swedish powerviolence barbarians PRESCRIPTIONDEATH break down new LP “Suffering Totality”; new video streaming

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Swedish grinding, ferocious hardcore punk band and violent live machine ‘PRESCRIPTIONDEATH‘ are about to unleash their new feral and disgusting 12” LP on December 23rd on Flyktsoda, and today, we’re giving you a closer look at each of 21 brutal tracks that will blow you away! Dive into the furiously caustic full stream of “Suffering Totality” and see the band’s first hand track by track rundown below! Oh, and be sure to get to the very bottom to find out some more explosive, intense and raging bands worth a check!


Track 1 – A high pitched noise fades in and lingers for a while. Some kind of seismic activity ensues. It seems to keep on forever. This doesn’t seem conventional. Is this a song?

Then the tremors form a discernible pattern. Towards the end of the track, a single guitar with short bursts of percussion alludes to upcoming thrash-pit violence. Some promises are never kept.

Track 2 – Only after this track ended did I realize that it had begun. I had to start it over from the beginning, but still I have no idea what had happened. The amplifiers squeal.

Track 3 – My ears are struggling to understand what the vocalist is saying, and then there is a guitar solo followed by an angry man cussing me out. What have I done to him? It does not matter, as the angry man seems to have left as suddenly as he came.

Track 4 – This is very fast, and displays an increasingly alarming urgency. Towards the end we are chased by a swarm of earth-dwelling wasps.

Track 5 – Finally a track with a manageable tempo and running time. Somewhere behind a coffee-ringed table they come to a conclusion: – “This bad boy is for the radio.” They lean back, exit the powerpoint slide, and take a sip of black artificially-sweetened goodness.

Track 6 – This track is a bit confusing… It starts out outrageously fast only to be immediately interrupted by some kind of bass guitar solo. Then we’re back to f-a-s-t again, but now it seems even faster… And after that it just keeps going faster and faster?

Track 7 – Decay. Disarray. Time compressed into chaos, beaten into formless phlegm. Then a marching rhythm. Unidentifiable faces, hidden behind their uniformity. As time resumes its ridiculous pace, you seem to desist.

Track 8 – What is this form? The antennae does not seem flexible enough for self examination. But it is not important. The shower drain has a curious smell to it. Perhaps there is something interesting inside.

Track 9 – This is fast. This is blistering. This is being dragged behind a Trabant 601 on the autobahn. This is Rock And Roll.

Track 10 – Sonically it is the equivalent of riding your bike down the steepest hill in town. It’s fucking fast, and suddenly your feet slips from the pedal – crushing your crotch against the saddle. Full speed while blinded by pain, and your paralyzed legs can no longer control the breaks. Your only chance at survival is to use all the adrenaline and what’s left of your mental faculties to focus beyond the pain and keep your arms rigid. You only have to last a little while longer and you will live. But Dear God, it’s so fucking fast…

Continued below…


Track 11 – A sluggish riff pummeling with intolerable repetition. Finally, the guitars break free. With lethargic mind, completely devoid of reason or deliberate thought, they are driven by one single impulse. That they must perform, that they must cut through. That they must kill.

Track 12 – First you are punched eight times in the face. This will simulate the pain discussed. You cannot move. Your body is failing, your memory destroyed. Time moves incredibly fast, a vortex of caretakers and medicine, stabilizing at times to allow assessment of the situation: it is grim. You cannot move. You are very old. The track sets a tempo and leaves further investigation to the next track.

Track 13 – It begins with the tempo it was given. Your eyes wander from your shrivelled hand to the photos on the shelf. They are all dead. After one bar the track realizes it was given the wrong tempo and changes to one matching the speed of your racing thoughts. Death has played you for a fool. It took them all, and left you behind with a dead mind in a rotting body. The neighbours dog barks. What were you thinking about? It’s pretty bright outside. The clock says 7. AM or PM?

Track 14 – This is a hit song with all it’s danceable degeneracy.

Track 15 – We’re back to the first track. This time around the subterranean waveforms have been shaped into something with rhythm and groove. It continuously morphs into something faster and a lot more sinister.

Track 16 – Steamroller fury. Urgency at all costs.

Track 17 – Finally a fast, yet decipherable, riff. Like all good things it turns to shit before it even got started. Pulse increasing, thoughts in disarray. The vessel is on the verge of breaking the speed of sound, but it never manages to fully push through. The vibration is unbearable, the rivets are giving in. Catastrophic failure. Eject.

Track 18 – Going down is a lot more comfortable than it was going up. A moment frozen in time. You can see the curvature of the earth. Suddenly the ground seems to approach you a lot faster. Something is terribly wrong.

Track 19 – Two high-pitched bolts of amplifier feedback cuts through the silence, just like your alarm clock cuts through the dead of night at 4:30 AM. A steady oompa-oompa beat is the soundtrack to the circus of your everyday nightmare. Your bowels may be in good shape, but let’s keep that a secret; only the bathroom and your cell phone can bring you solace today. Your legs turn numb. The automated light goes off. Fuck. You’ve been here for too long. They’ll notice.

Track 20 – This seems strangely familiar. Have I experienced this before? Wait, where am I? What was I thinking about? Hey – this part has a nice groove!

Track 21 – It is a warm day. You are wearing your Favorite Denim Outfit. Your car is fast, the breeze runs cool through your hair. The snare is struck with evenly spaced timing. Adrenaline.

Hungry for a lot more grinding tracks and inspiring new offerings shared by independent bands this year, we asked PRESCRIPTIONDEATH for some hot tips, and here’s what they shared:

Some bands we want to recommend are: 

Cold Hell (FIN)
Weed Dealer (South Africa)
Da Beach Boyz (South Africa) 
TCIYF (South Africa)
Peasant (South Africa)
Liturgy (US) 
Gefyr (SWE) 
Setsuko (SWE) 
Power Face (SWE) 
Mehkago N.T. (US) 
Cokebust (US) 
Spazz (US) 
God Mother (SWE) 
Chepang (Nepal) 
Trash Talk (US) 
Hårda Tider (SWE)
Massgrav (SWE) 
Diskonto (SWE)
Ex-White (DE) 
Decultivate (CZ) 

Some Local Bands:

Give Today
Crooked Letter

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