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Swedish rock artist Ruben Hultman streaming new EP

Alt rock musician Ruben Hultman from Sweden has just released a full stream of his new record called “Portraits”, featuring a solid dose of melodic rock and pop punk rockin’. Listen below and see his official word about track #6, premiered not so long ago via Strife Magazine:

“Track No. 6 off the Portraits EP – ‘Tied Hands’ is written around an intern joke I have with my friend Zack, who is playing the drums on the EP. I tried to explain it several times to other friends, but nobody sees the humor in it the way we did. So I twisted it a bit and gave it some depth instead. The song turned out to be a good way to end the EP and it sheds some light on the darkness that is expressed throughout the other tracks. It’s funny how it really was the missing piece to the concept and how it came to my mind in a moment of laughter instead of being a heavy hearted creation.”

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