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TERROR releases new video for “Kill ‘Em Off”

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Influential hardcore band Terror has debuted a music video for their vicious new single called “Kill ‘Em Off from the band’s highly anticipated, upcoming EP, The Walls Will Fall, which will be released on April 28th via Pure Noise Records (digital, CD) and Triple B (vinyl). The label has launched a pre-order for the record and is streaming the video below.

Scott Vogel commented:

“It feels good to have some new music coming out. We thought this song would be right to release first, as the energy and vibe sums up this EP. Terror is always going to be Terror, and we’re proud to be consistent and on point with our sound. But still we are always trying to push and make sure the urgency and reality is always in everything we do”

The Walls Will Fall will be Terror’s first record with their new label Pure Noise Records. The record follows their most recent full-length, 2015’s The 25th Hour, and features some of the most crushing tracks the band has ever recorded.


Don’t let this sink in
Just got to shut it out
Draw the lines and cut the chord
Won’t let you cross into my world

Take one more step
Take One More step
I’ve got to shut you out

Pathetic fake smiles
Of the plastic youth
We all know in your picture perfect world
There’s some ugly truths

Take one more step
Take one More step
I’ve got to shut you out

Everybody’s talking about this & that
But I couldn’t care less what they say
Just when you thought you figured it out
I’m laughing in your face

Kill ’em, all, kill ’em off
Got no love for the insincere
Kill ’em all, kill ’em off
One by one they disappear

No allies, I won’t take the bait
Won’t conform, you’re everything I hate
No allies, I won’t take the bait
No more

GO HERE to see their upcoming dates // GO HERE to check out the newest re-issue of Scott Vogel’s 90s hardcore band DESPAIR!

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