THE BLACK WIDOW’S PROJECT to release their debut album in December

This fall, there is a new swiss rock’n’roll band in town: THE BLACK WIDOW’S PROJECT playing deep-rock (between stoner and grunge with 70’s influences).

Greatness and decadence, poetry and rock n’roll, love and sex, peace and war.
These are the words that inspire this atypical rock band, performing a music both clean and dirty, coated with primitive hard rock which would flirt with the energies of grunge music. 

Formed in 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland by the singer/guitarist Al Castro and the drummer Math Sink, TBWP quickly released its first EP “Benefit of the doubt”. Later on, Raph Despas joined them with his fat bass sound and enable the band to find a more high-powered and personal sound. 

On 12.12.12, this power-trio will released its debut full-length, “Heavy heart”, on CD through the band’s e-shop and digital on all the main legal platforms (iTunes, Deezer, Spotify)

From now, a brand new music video by The Black Widow’s Project for the song “Ha Ha Ha Uh” extracted from the upcoming album has just surfaced on YouTube.

Tour Dates:
12.12.07 @ Bikini Test (Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland)
1212.15 @ Bar King (Neuchâtel, Switzerland)
13.01.17 @ Chat Noir (Geneva, Switzerland)
13.02.16 @ Bruch Brothers (Luzern, Switzerland)
13.03.07 @ Divins Brasseurs (Sion, Switzerland)
13.06.14 @ Chateau-Rouge (Annemasse, France)

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