The New York Hardcore Chronicles documentary (video excerpts) [UPDATE]

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The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film, a new movie centered on the community and culture of the iconic and highly influential New York hardcore punk scene, has been doing great, but it needs your support. Director Drew Stone has been releasing dozens of sneak peeks and excerpts of various segments of the documentary and will continue to share more material even after the film is released. Collected below are all of the videos unleashed so far.

UPDATE: The movie was eventually released in 2017. GO HERE to grab a copy.

The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film is at a crossroads and needs your help. Funds are needed for back up hard drives, Color correction, Audio mix and to submit the film to film festivals. We would also like to continue to do the “10 Questions” series after the film is completed. New York City is the greatest city in the world and the New York Hardcore Community is like no other! The film looks fucking great so far, Thank you for the support and we’ll see you soon!!


Excerpts & interviews:

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