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“The Last Hundred Years” – atmospheric, blackened crust post metallers THIS ENDS HERE unveil new epic 2-tracker; listen!

THIS ENDS HERE by Meg Manley Photography
THIS ENDS HERE by Meg Manley Photography
Bristol based THIS ENDS HERE started their journey 10 years ago and have been actively gigging since 2010. Firmly established as stalwarts of the UK scene, the band have followed the path less trodden. The sound has covered a lot of styles, from the early days as a crust punk d-beat power trio through to the atmospheric and epic expanded four piece that is the current incarnation of the band. THIS ENDS HERE have always evoked powerful feelings and opinions, the songs often deal with difficult subject matters and the music is incendiary and transformative for many people.

As the band continues to gig and release music as long as we live in a world full of injustice, we are pleased to give you their new offering, an epic 22-minute long 2-tracker “The Last Hundred Years”, premiering right here, right now! The EP a masterwork of dynamic range that builds toward dramatic moment, sounds viscerally exciting and vast as you listen, and proves the band to be super confident in its intergenre dialogue.

Recorded at Mivart Studios, Bristol. Recorded and produced by Mark Roscow. Guitar & Vocals: Myles Roberts, Bass & Vocals: Jack Murphy, Guitar: Mark Roscow, Drums: Sean Thomas. Released on Never Fall Into Silence Records and Prejudice Me Records.

This record is very much in keeping with the rest of our back catalogue but probably more urgent and immediate. A big part of the meaning behind the record is made evident in the title ‘The Last Hundred Years’, the human race probably only has a hundred years left if we continue to reproduce, consume and waste as much as we do at present. The music, lyrics and the title are meant as a bit of a wake up call, a lot of people are aware of the climate emergency but maybe not just how urgent it is that we change course now. The other theme of the record is economic inequality which is just crazy right now, hard working people get paid a pittance while billionaires accumulate more wealth than they could spend in several lifetimes. The huge disparity in wealth distribution is kind of hard to get your head around but it points to the slavish worship of free market ideology. This idea that we are all on a level playing field has been successfully sold as true and it represents a real threat to anyone who believes in a fair reward for working hard.

THIS ENDS HERE tape cover

The Beast is Dead

They won’t admit the beast is dead
They fear their end will come soon
Without the myth, they can’t sell the dream
Without the threat, they become weak
They won’t admit the beast is dead
Without the beast, they face defeat
Without the fear, we can be free
They won’t admit the beast is dead
You’re right to fear the death of the beast,
Under his reign you have prospered from our suffering
Don’t look for a saviour amongst those you served
Don’t plead for mercy from those you betrayed, it’s too late
You’re right to fear the death of the beast,
Revenge will come to those people you thought you didn’t need. Finally.

The Last Hundred Years

Dying slowly, We can’t foresee we’re nearing the end
Dying slowly, We can’t conceive of our own death
Dying slowly, Abandon the myth of eternal progress
Dying slowly, Infinite wants and human conquest
As hope recedes, extinction draws near
As we now enter the last hundred years
Consumed by greed, controlled by fear
As we now enter the last hundred years
You’ll die alone, Only the damage will endure
Another fallen empire, As we now enter the last hundred years
The hubris and the despair, As we now enter the last hundred years
When everything you’ve done is forgot
When everything you’ve built starts to rot
When everything you bought has been lost
When everyone you loved turns to dust
On the last day you’ll have nothing, you’re dead and gone

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