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Under Siege: Ukraine’s MORTAL VISION check in to discuss ongoing Russian invasion, new music and more!

In October 2021, while promoting their newly released debut album (and only four months before Russia launched a full-scale invasion upon Ukraine), Ivan Dyshlyuk, front man of Ukrainian thrashers MORTAL VISION said: “In our lyrics we explore the horror of war, the unspoken disdainful attitude of those in power towards the masses as well as the psychological aspect of the human self.”

Now, as the subject matter once reserved for the band’s music continues to devastate their homeland, Ivan and Andrew check in to discuss how they are coping with the brutal realities of war, finding the motivation to work on new music and the future of Ukraine.

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Hey! Thank you for talking to me. How are you both doing?

Ivan – Hi. I’m fine, because my family and friends are safe and we are all still alive.

Andrew – Hi, thanks we are safe (relatively).

Can you describe what daily life is like in Dnipro right now and how has your life changed since the invasion began?

Andrew – Things are bad throughout the country, rockets and other russian crap arrives everywhere in one quantity or another. The situation in the Dnipro is better than in the south of Ukraine.

Mortal Vision

At least in my life, it seems as though a lot of people have already switched off to what is happening in Ukraine. How do you feel about the reaction from the outside world?

Ivan – I, like many residents of my country, feel the support of the civilized world. Such things are necessary to understand the scale of russia’s crimes .

I think it’s safe to assume that the war has halted your ability to rehearse and record but is there anything new on the horizon for Mortal Vision?

Andrew – Of course! Due to the fact that we are not in the epicenter of events, we can go about our daily business. We are currently working on the second album. Aggression and hatred for everything that happens motivates me to write music and lyrics. But in parallel, we are engaged in helping our army by collecting money from our merchandise.

At the moment, we don’t have opportunity to gather all together in one room, let’s call it that. But that doesn’t stop us from working on new material remotely.

Mortal Vision

Mortal Vision

I was talking to someone from Odessa and they told me that they havent been able to enjoy or even listen to music since the start of Russia’s invasion. Can you relate to that and how have you managed to stay sane throughout this awful situation?

Ivan – At the beginning of the war, it was not even possible to sleep normally, there was no talk about music. Сonstant air raids, fighter planes flying over the houses and other interesting things discourage the desire to listen to music. But over time, we still find the strength to work on different music stuff.

This is a big question but what does the future look like for you right now?

Andrew – What does a happy future look like? It’s very simple, and that’s how it will be: so that after the victory of Ukraine – not a single fucking occupier on our land and the total collapse of russia. Ukraine will rebuild everything that the fucking invaders bombed and we will live happily. Each of us is happy that he is Ukrainian.

Ivan – At this moment all memories of our performances seem so far away. Now we live in a state of surprise.You never know if a rocket will hit you tomorrow or not. We lived quietly on our land, until one old Kremlin asshole wanted the blood of innocents. But at the same time, we live with confidence in the best and faith in victory. Because we know what we are fighting for.

Mortal Vision

To finish this off, do you have any final words, and can you tell us what the best way someone reading this can support Ukraine?

Ivan – As I said above, victory is ours, because we’re fighting for our freedom and the right to be a nation, not slaves. Peoples of civilized countries can support Ukraine with the strength of their voices and unity in confronting the terrorists who call themselves the russian army. And, to our readers and fans we wish peace and a calm sky above their heads.

Andrew – I join the words of Ivan. Anyone who wants to can support by spreading information, sending money to our army. Thank you for the interview, we were glad to talk with you!

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Glory to Ukraine!

Under Siege: Ukraine’s MORTAL VISION check in to discuss ongoing Russian invasion, new music and more!
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