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UNITED NATIONS return with their anti-Trump single ‘Stairway To Mar​-​a​-​Lago’

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3 years after their recent record The Next Four Years, screamo / post hardcore act UNITED NATIONS, the creation of THURSDAY’s Geoff Rickly, have premiered a new song! “Stairway to Mar-a-Lago” was released in conjuction of Donald Trump’s inauguration. All sales from the anti 45th President of the United States track will go to the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood organization. Rickly is not the vocalist on this track and even though the band asked Noisey mag, who premiered the song, not to name this anonymous singer, rumors have already begun to surface and most of the audience agree that the mysterious guest is Daryl Palumbo from GLASSJAW!


Hunger below us
the heavens are dead
baffling reason
you wanted candor, nativism, white indifference and no shining city
tragic papacy
dimwitted bigot misplacing sympathies
from on your cross tell them who matters
policing cities in ruin
it blows my mind how these nazis took the stage and pandered to
your deepest fears
dead and cold the gipper must be rolling in his grave
some hoped for light
most chose gold
lambs to the slaughter dragged by the fringe
you all laughed until it fucking happened
never again, again and again
never again is happening again
persona non grata

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