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“Unrest Eternal” – vicious hardcore 4-piece PEASANT drop debut full length

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After a series of impressive andcrushingly intense EPs, Cape Town’s 4-piece hardcore band PEASANT strike back with their first full length, a set of 9 powerful tracks that provide perfectly-crafted yet moshy beats that tie the whole thing up really well. Influenced by d-beat, death metal, crossover and more styles coming in the mix, “Unrest Eternal” can be listened below, along with the first hand commentary about each and every track!

Unrest Eternal is our first LP release after the 4 EP’s previous. It features a vastly new lineup and is the culmination of almost 2 years of writing and recording. It is coming out on vinyl through Roastin’ Records in Cape Town, and we’ll have them on tour for our EU tour in August. The tour is through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic and Austria. It’s a more mature, fuller sound for us, stepping away from the crusty punk element and moving more into a metallic hardcore space.

PEASANT’s full debut record is out today on all platforms. VInyl pre-orders are available at Roastin’ Records.


The first track on the record has a groovy start heading into a Swedish death/thrash inspired hardcore song. It is the second single release for the record and has a music video to accompany it.


Sirens is a blast-based hardcore song that starts and ends pretty quick. Its probably the song that is most like our older material. Themes of human error and the destruction of our planet are strong here.


The Road is probably our most accessible song as its pretty melodic and full of hooks. There is a big chorus that our friend Keenan Oakes from atmospheric black metal band Wildernessking is on, which I think adds something different compared to the rest of the record.


This track is a mid-tempo groover with a classic metal intro. 90’s thrash and death metal was a big inspiration for the record in terms of sound which I think is evident here. There is a big theme of the uncertainty of humanity’s future here.


Here we have a mega moshy track that flips out to be a full on thrash song. Its mostly about how poverty will come back to haunt us all if we don’t help those less fortunate than us soon.


Side B of the record starts here, and like the opener it has a gloomy synth intro. Being the title track there is quite a weight to the song which I think makes it stand out from the rest of the record. Its one of our slower songs about frustration with the human condition.


Ligature is a moshy / thrashy song about holding on to those close to you. It’s definitely one of our groovier songs and seems to be a pit favourite at the shows so far.


This was our first single for the record. Its a mega Swedish death/thrash song that rips in pretty quick. It features our friend Ross Hallam formerly of SA hardcore stalwarts Conqueror.


The final track on the record is a fictional account of miners being trapped underground whilst a war breaks out. Its a pretty heavy song in terms of content and is a bit more prophetic in nature, which is something that has been constant throughout our band’s career. I think the record overall has a bleak outlook which evolved quite naturally for us, and it culminates in a final movement here.


1-Aug Gothenburg
2-Aug Kolding
3-Aug Lubeck
4-Aug Weimar
5-Aug Dresden
6-Aug Brno
7-Aug Plzen
8-Aug Prague
9-Aug Vienna
10-Aug Magdeburg
11-Aug Hamburg
12-Aug Malmö
13-Aug Stockholm

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