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Unveiling “Le Confort des Illusions”, the debut album from new French eclectic screamo/ post hardcore band ARI

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ARI by Maelle Le Montagner
ARI by Maelle Le Montagner

The dramatic narrative penned by a French band, ARI, in their new album “Le Confort des Illusions“, promises a journey through a spectrum of human emotions and societal critiques. From “La crainte du commun,” which delves into the alienation of modern life, to “Le confort des illusions,” a paradoxically upbeat track about willful ignorance and societal apathy, each song is a journey.

The band is on the brink of releasing their inaugural album “Le confort des illusions,” set for digital release on April 23, and in May on vinyl through Voice Of The Unheard records.

Today, we are delighted to offer you an exclusive early listen to the entire album, accompanied by a special track-by-track commentary and recommendations for other bands, all curated by ARI themselves!

Their journey, marinated in eclectic musical backgrounds and collective creativity, provides a rich mixture of emotions and moods that are about to be unveiled to the world.

ARI’s inception traces back to 2018, when Fab and Rage, two guitarists with a shared passion for screamo, began composing music. The duo’s dedication soon attracted Jerome on bass, followed by Max on drums, and eventually Lucas, who completed the ensemble as the vocalist in November 2019. Each member brought a diverse musical heritage, from Jerome’s involvement in THE GREAT OLD ONES, through Fab’s technical death metal adventures with ENDLESS MOTION, to Lucas’ punk and screamo ventures with THE NY-HILL STILLNESS and DEAD TOYS.

ARI by Maelle Le Montagner
ARI by Maelle Le Montagner

The band’s creative process is intriguingly democratic. As Lucas describes it: “It was easy to work together on songs: someone has a couple new riffs, everyone throws something to add, then we keep what sounds good to us and get rid of the metal stuff… of what sounds bad!” This method has birthed an album where each track is a confluence of influences—punk, crust, black metal, and post-hardcore, all rooted in the DIY screamo ethos.

ARI by Naraes pictures
ARI by Naraes pictures

Lucas points out how their varied influences are evident in their music. “For example,” he explains, “Track 2, ‘Ecoute-nous faiblir,’ is clearly a post-hardcore-ish Totem Skin song and Track 7, ‘La construction du mal-etre,’ sounds like fall of efrafa mixed with Heaven in her arms with some Celeste elements, kind of.”

The band’s vocalist Lukas speaks passionately about their local screamo and emotional hardcore scene, highlighting both its struggles and its vibrancy, reflecting the resilient spirit of the vibrant, albeit challenged local music community.

“In Bordeaux we’re struggling to keep the scene alive : they’re trying to ban amplified music from downtown, so venues are closing, are not allowed to broadcast live music… But we always find a way, mainly because there are really good bands!” – says Lucas.

ARI by Stef Curic
ARI by Stef Curic


I’ll start with Solitone, our upcoming tour mates, a Post-Hardcore / Screamo act. They have heavily powerful and emotional riffs, they are a must-see!

ARI tour


Contre-feux, Hardcore / Screamo. For me it sounds like a mix of old school bridge-nine hardcore mixed with screamo elements ! Their first album Mort/Vivant left me speechless ! Can’t wait for La Morsure, which will be out early may ! They play approx once a year, so if you see them announced somewhere, don’t miss it!

Gros Enfant Mort

Arthur, the guitar player, lives in Bordeaux so let’s say they’re local (Poitiers is not far anyway). Our national treasures, with a poetic name. It makes me think of a modern daitro, tha’s how good they are!


Throat Slitting Metal Harcore (as they defined themselves). Way less emo, they’re young, they’re mad and they’re here to make a mess ! Their first EP “It All Feels Like Knives” is hitting really hard ! Go check them live.

ARI by Stef Curic
ARI by Stef Curic

For those keen on diving deeper into ARI’s world and their reflections on each track, check out the full track-by-track commentary, offering an intimate glimpse into the heart of their album.

Artwork by Regis Ducellis / @regisducellis_illustrations

La crainte du commun (Fear of the common?)

The intro to the album and also, the first part of Track 7 : La construction du mal-etre (The construction of Unhappiness?)

This one is about being unable to understand the modern world and being a spectator of its self-destruction.

Ecoute-Nous Faiblir (Hear us fade ?)

Not having control, not being able to choose anything, including something as simple as the music we listen. Because it needs an extra step, and everything is made so you don’t have to take it.

Un festin pour les vautours partie 1 (a feast for the vulturs part 1?)

It’s a love story of the most common kind: a sad one. Because it’s always easier to be miserable than alone.

ARI live by Stef Curic
ARI live by Stef Curic

Un festin pour les vautours partie 2 (a feast for the vulturs part 2?)

Everything that apply to personnal life can apply to professional life. We can accept everything, until we can’t.

Le confort des illusions (The comfort of illusions?)

Forget what I said about track 2, 3 and 4. Track 2 is about the music we love. Track 3 is beautiful romance. Track 4 is about professional achievements.

Don’t watch the news, don’t look at the homeless in your street, don’t count the feminicides!

We’d rather be blind and selfish than unhappy. Musically the happiest and the most hopeful song of the album, but trust me, it’s not.

ARI by Maelle Le Montagner
ARI by Maelle Le Montagner

Age seize (Age Sixteen)

A reference to the band of the same name, because I love it. And also a reference and lyrics from a well-known french singer that i’m not gonna name.

This one echoes Track 2 with an additionnal layer : everything can be turned into a product, including human being.

Also, 100% a love song.

La construction du mal-être (The construction of unhappiness ?)

It’s hard to keep up with modern world. We religiously follow each steps that had been already follows for years, without trying to understand why and for what. Because the global consequences are easier to live with than individual ones.

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