Tromblon, by Maxime Peres
Tromblon, by Maxime Peres
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PUT PURANA and TROMBLON’s Split Premiere and artist-to-artist interview

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Today, we delve into the chaotic beauty of such a union between PUT PURANA and TROMBLON, two under the radar bands that epitomize the resilient pulse of the screamo scenes in Europe.

PUT PURANA, hailing from Italy, injects a raw, chaotic American screamo vibe tempered with European melodic sensibilities into their craft. Their origin in the throes of the 2020 pandemic speaks to a genesis amidst turmoil, yet their sound is anything but nascent. They bring an energized revival to their local scene, echoing the restless spirit of a world rebounding from silence.

On the other side, we have TROMBLON, the chaotic hardcore pack of friends from France, whose music thrashes with a fervent intensity. Their sound is a maelstrom of aggressive rhythms and impassioned vocals that speak to the core.

Their collaboration, facilitated by a suite of indie labels including No Funeral Records, Shove Records, Fresh Outbreak Records, Emergence Records, Sylverbarbe Records, Dancing Rabbit Records, Salto Mortale Music, and Yoyodyne Records, is set to culminate in a split release digitally distributed by No Funeral on April 19th.

From the insightful artist-to-artist interview below, several key themes emerge that underscore the depth of their partnership. TROMBLON’s reaction to PUT PURANA’s proposal for a split was one of surprise and excitement, highlighting the spontaneous connections that often drive the creative music scene.

Their year and a half of collaboration has been a journey of mutual discovery and artistic blending, culminating in tracks that are both a departure from their usual soundscapes and a deeper dive into experimental territories.


The influence of diverse musical and non-musical elements is evident in TROMBLON’s creative process, where they draw from a rich tapestry of punk, baroque music, and even the cadences of everyday life, showing that inspiration is as much about the external as it is introspective.

Meanwhile, PUT PURANA’s approach to the split reflects their international outlook and commitment to the DIY ethos. They chose to write one of their songs in French as a nod to the influential French screamo scene and as a personal tribute to familial connections in France, illustrating the deeply personal intersections in music that transcend borders.

Put Parana Tromblon tour

As both bands anticipate the shared tour, for TROMBLON, the trek represents an expansion into new territories and cultures, a thrilling adventure away from the familiar. PUT PURANA views the tour as the realization of their foundational goal—to connect with audiences far and wide through live performances.



How did you react to our proposal to make a split? What did you expect from this collaboration and how did your expectations evolve during the one year and a half we spent working on it ?

Surprise was our first reaction because it was the first time that a non-French band we had never met offered to make a split together.

We were really touched by this proposition and we thought it would be the opportunity to start a great experience from a blank canvas. Our expectations were quite simple: creating an album together and going on a tour to get to know you a little better.

Over the past few months, tracks were released by each band, we booked a tour together, we worked on the physical and digital versions of our music…
We are really glad to see it all coming together, and it definitely confirms the idea that we had to do this with you.

We can never thank you enough for all this!

Tromblon, by Maxime Peres
Tromblon, by Maxime Peres

Can you name some of the influences you had when writing your part of the split ? Which bands were your listening to in that moment? Also, any local bands from your scene? Are there any non-music influences shaping your part ?

We like to listen to many different kinds of music. It might sound strange, but the things that influence our creation have sometimes nothing to do with the kind of music we actually play, like musicals or Baroque music for example. But of course, we are definitely influenced by a lot of bands: not only the ones we listen to, but also the ones we play with.

Among our friends from the punk movement, Without Skin and Constante are amazing people and talented musicians. But from other styles, we also love our friends from Hada and Cemented Minds.

Our lyrics often come from our everyday worries and our own questioning. Sometimes we come across a sentence in a book and it suddenly triggers something for a track. Actually, our tracks are just the result of these moments of thinking.

Tromblon, by Maxime Peres
Tromblon, by Maxime Peres

The song you wrote for the split is an 8 minute track, which is odd for screamo: is there a backstory to this choice?

The idea of a long track became obvious early in our creation, but it was quite a challenge to write it. There were actually 5 different versions of this track, and most of it was deleted in order to create this final version.

We are not used to this process, so it was a challenging experience, but it was important for us because this split is also an opportunity to bring something new with us. We try more and more to develop different atmospheres and to give more importance to melodies.

This long track also allowed us to give more weight to our lyrics and singing parts, in order to develop a little more on what we have to say.

One of the first things we said about the collab was to promote it though an European joint tour though our countries.

Tromblon, by Maxime Peres
Tromblon, by Maxime Peres

Can you altrady picture some differences between touring within a community you’re already familiar with  breaking into a whole new country and scene?

Touring in our own country is easy, especially when it comes to language. But going abroad is always more exciting and sounds more like an adventure.
And touring has always been our dream. When we started playing in our band, we clearly hoped to hit the road to share our music with as many people as we could.

Our desire to travel is probably triggered by the rotten aspect of our political and social context. Although many countries are struggling right now, discovering new places is still a breath of fresh air for us.

We’ve spent more time touring in foreign countries than in France. Going to a different country and meeting the people living there is one of the best experience for us.

Playing a gig, feeling the energy from the public, talking to them afterward… This is an incredible feeling. When someone who doesn’t know us spends their time and energy in a concert and loves what we do, it’s a precious thing. Not for recognition. But it gives a special meaning to all the energy we put into it.

And this is also true for all the people involved in the organisation of gigs: associations, collectives or individuals who help us booking tour… Many great things are happening thanks to these people.


How and when did you hear about us? And why did you choose us, a french band, to make a record with, although you have a lot of brilliant bands in your own country, with whom the communication could have been easier at first?

We’ve heard about you around the end of 2021 after digging into european hardcore music following the wave of excitement after doing the first shows with the band. Surely the communication using our own language would have been easier but since we are attached to bands from our Country, like Raein and La Quiete, and seeing cult split of them done with foreign ones, we thought about doing it with someone abroad.


Put Purana seems to be born during the Covid period, which was a human disaster of course, and had terrible consequences on the culture and even more on the DIY sphere. Wasn’t it too hard to launch your project at this moment ? Do the tracks in the split have been composed during this period?

Put Pùrana were born, at least in the ideas, in the end of 2020 and we managed to release the first album at the end of 2021, theoretically not a really good time to release, every kind of venue in Italy was still closed or with a lot of complications. Looking back at it, we think that releasing in that moment, in opposition to our thoughts, was very helpful because during 2022 we were part of the reconstruction of the diy community along with other bands from the area (Ojne, Radura, Votto, Stegosauro). A lot of young and new people were approaching shows, everyone (collectives, venues, artists and bands) tried to put his own effort into this reconstruction, it helped a lot our music to be spread.

Every track of the Split is written in that moment, between a show and another, we did just a finishing touch before recording them, they kinda reflect that period.

Tromblon, by Maxime Peres
Tromblon, by Maxime Peres

One of your tracks has been written with french lyrics. Did you do that just as a personal challenge or because of a certain vision, some universal vision of the DIY scene?

(Sandro, singer) I’ve written Paysage with french lyrics because i’m a super fan of french screamo and it was a sort of tribute to that, also my mother was born in France and I feel in some way bonded to that place.

In any case we share this universal vision of the DIY scene, these last years we knew a lot of people during shows (as a band and as attenders) all around Italy and Europe and we could have seen how the world is so small, especially the screamo one.

What do you expect from our tour ? Not afraid to spend 8 days with 4 unknown guys in the same van?

We think touring is the best part of the band, we actually formed Put Pùrana to tour, or hoping to do so, since we were locked in our houses. We are very excited to see you guys, this process was incredible, writing to you only using emails was very fun and we think that this built a strong connection between us. Since we were just speaking every now and then, every message had the kindest words and very well organized informations to plan this tour and split. We will have for sure fun and not afraid at all, do we ahah?

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