Demersal by by Jannie Ravn Madsen
Demersal by by Jannie Ravn Madsen
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Vicious, blackened screamo band DEMERSAL premiere new song “To Decorate The End”

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Soon after the release of their amazing split with REGARDING AMBIGUITY, Copenhagen and Odense, Denmark based blackened screamo / emoviolence band DEMERSAL are joining us today to throw a solid punch with their new track “To Decorate The End”, an intense new offering from their second EP “Death Routines”.

Touching upon themes derived from negative routines in everyday life that consume us and ultimately lead to our demise, the new EP comes out September 16, 2021 via a number of DIY labels: Zegema beach records (USA/Canada), Entes anomicos (Germany), Over the under records (Denmark), Heartland records (Denmark), Fresh outbreak records (Italy), Destroy it yourself records (Portugal), Nothing to harvest records (Greece), Out of thunes records (France), Pasidaryk pats records (Lithuania), Dingleberry records (Germany), and 5feetunder records (Denmark).

“This track is somehow connected to the next track on the EP called ‘Worry’.” – comments the band. “The songs portray two very different ways of dealing with huge global crises like climate change.”

“This song in particular is about people ignoring the problems as they have become too comprehensive and that we rather want to focus on our own personal happiness, though it’s only a matter of time before it all collapses. It’s a paradox in a way because it’s beautiful to follow your dreams but in a bigger perspective it may only end up being “decoration” on the bitter end.”

Through an aggressive performance, DEMERSAL explores feelings of greif and meaninglessness, communicated through sections of chaotic, expressive hardcore, and melancholic post-rock, joined with vocals that seem concurrently powerful and fragile.

Previously released new track “Suffer for each other” can be heard below:

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