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Warsaw metallic hardcore pack EMBITTER share chaotic, grim new track “Reinventing Gravity”

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Having mastered the technique of their own amalgam of metal and hardcore, Warsaw based EMBITTER smoothly creates a thick sonic sonic wave for you to immerse yourself into. The band’s newest single “Reinventing Gravity” advertises their second LP of the same name, scheduled to be released in early 2023 by The Coming Strife Records, and today we’re thrilled to give you its first listen below!

Stormong as even more aggressive and heavier incarnation of the raging 90s inspired metalcore, EMBITTER blends influences of Arkangel, On Broken Wings, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, and Converge.

Lyrically, the record deals with the post-pandemic state of the world, the war in Ukraine, which results in constant mental health deterioration. “It’s like a conversation with yourself on standing on your feet in a place which constantly evolves, speeds up and leaves no place for emotions or healthy and balanced lifestyle.” – comments the band.

We sink in the shadows. A burden of never-ending tears paving a way to hell. One stone at a time I see your statue fall. Disintegrating Eden, reinviting gravity. For every ill-fated lie, morality’s suicide. Judas will swing, tied to a chair. Disintegrated Eden, reinviting gravity. I picture a place that is heaven. Dead acres in front of me. I repent and await, reinventing gravity. She’s covered in razors and dynamite. We’re the print of what we’ve become. Disintegrated Eden, reinviting gravity.

Photos by @andybazebd and @lowlightbaz.



The first single off of the new album was “Pan-And-Paper Tracings” and it was released in early November via NoEcho.


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