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5 Denver Hot Spots, by noise rockish post hardcore band QUITS

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Denver’s Quits encapsulates the collision of both anxiety and ambition with their latest release, “Feeling It.” The band resides in a distinct soundscape where post-hardcore threads weave seamlessly with noise rock draperies. This concoction is so potent that its echoes can be found reminiscent of bands such as Drive Like Jehu, Metz, and Circus Lupus. However, while these influences might subtly hum in the background, Quits certainly presents an original auditory narrative, staking their claim in the contemporary music scene. Today, we’re pleased to give you some more details behind their new release, as well as the band’s special list of top hot spots in Denver!

Their sound, as aptly described, truly “dances on a knife-edge between anxious twang and epic wallop.” The visceral rawness of their vocals, akin to the impassioned cries of Justin Pearson or Chris Thomson, melds with a fierce instrumental backdrop. Dueling guitars, a bass that growls with distorted precision, and drums that seem to possess a scrappy fervor, only intensify the band’s fervent essence.

What elevates Quits’ recent release from mere auditory spectacle to a profound mirror of current times is the themes they address. In the words of guitarist/vocalist Lucius Fairchild, the album is a contemplation, seeking a semblance of balance in post-pandemic times, touching upon prevailing concerns like police misconduct, mass shootings, addiction, and the weight of isolation.

Fairchild provides a harrowing portrait of his hometown of Denver, painting a cityscape marked by juxtapositions. Denver, in his eyes, becomes a place where relentless development brushes against undeniable destitution, where a spectator can witness the surrealism of individuals walking through tent cities to step into their lavish apartments. The contrasting imagery he presents is not just thought-provoking but a call to witness the reality of a rapidly evolving urban space.

It’s noteworthy to highlight that while Quits’ sound remains steadfast, their lineup has experienced fluctuations. Once the musical home of bassist Neil Keener, known from Planes Mistaken for Stars, the band’s rhythm section has since seen talents like Cyrena Rosati and currently Justin Ankenbauer.

Regardless of these shifts, 2023 finds Quits in a phase of undeniable ascension. Sharing Denver’s vibrant musical stage with the likes of Endless, Nameless, and Moon Pussy, the band seems to have delivered a masterstroke with “Feeling It.”

Their dedication will soon find its live embodiment when Denverites will have the opportunity to witness their sonic might firsthand on October 8th at Hi-Dive, sharing the stage with Djunah.


For those intrigued by the tapestry of Denver’s landscape, as painted by Lucius Fairchild’s lyrical insights, there’s more to delve into. Fairchild has curated a list of Denver’s top hot spots, a compilation of venues that range from iconic record stores to community-driven music venues, which is available below. These places not only reflect the city’s rich cultural heritage but also tie deeply into Quits’ own journey and narrative.

5 Denver Hot Spots

by Lucius Fairchild of Quits

Wax Trax Records

A Denver staple, Wax Trax has been here close to 50years. A traditional record store that has weekend sidewalk concerts with a flea market for local vendors. Quits member Doug Mioducki works here.

Mutiny Information Café

Owned and operated by longtime Denver heroes, Mutiny has books, coffee, records, pinball, and its own comic book shop. Also hosts live acts, comedy, poetry, and local vendors. Quits played our first show here.

Seventh Circle Music Collective

Denver’s best all ages music and art venue, SCMC is community operated with local volunteers. Home to Denver’s thriving hardcore scene.

The Crypt

Death themed bar that is also becoming one of Denver’s best music venues. The owners are longtime Denver bartenders. For the month of October they’ve teamed up with horror movie aficionado Theresa Mercado from Scream Screen to show horror movies every night into Halloween.

Drop To Pop Record and Curio

Denver’s newest record store, Drop To Pop is 100 square feet of longtime local musician Greg Daniels’ vast collection. Floor to ceiling gems in the heart of the city.

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