DEMERSAL by Katrine Søndergaard Sørensen
DEMERSAL by Katrine Søndergaard Sørensen
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Blackened screamo / emoviolence band DEMERSAL strike hard with their new EP “Death Routines”

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Soon after our recent track premiere and special posted HERE blackened screamo/emoviolence DEMERSAL is back with tthe full stream of their crushing new EP “Death Routines”, available for streaming below!

Through an aggressive performance, their music explores feelings of grief and meaninglessness, communicated through passages of chaotic, expressive hardcore, and melancholic post-rock, joined with vocals that seem both powerful and fragile.

Both the new EP and the band’s recent split with REGARDING AMBIGUITY are touching upon themes derived from negative routines in everyday life that consume us and ultimately lead to our demise.

“Death Routines” is out todau through a bunch of DIY labels: Zegema beach records (USA/Canada), Entes anomicos (Germany), Over the under records (Denmark), Heartland records (Denmark), Fresh outbreak records (Italy), Destroy it yourself records (Portugal), Nothing to harvest records (Greece), Out of thunes records (France), Pasidaryk pats records (Lithuania), Dingleberry records (Germany), and 5feetunder records (Denmark).

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