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Copenhagen hardcore INVEKTIV break down their new EP “Bleach Solves Most of My Problems”; listen!

Copenhageners INVEKTIV are back with their second EP Bleach Solves Most of My Problems – an additional band member and an extra layer of teeth as they snarl their way through another round of guttural, high-octane punkish hardcore.

INVEKTIV formed in 2016 in Copenhagen and consists of Agu (guitar & vocals Argentina/Italy), Marijn (bass & vocals – Netherlands/France), Si (guitar & vocals UK) and Mike (drums – UK). Agu, Marijn and Mike also play in the metal band THROWE. Since their debut Smack IIII Flash, released in April 2018, Si has joined the fold as a second guitarist. These four heads, five countries and seven languages gives Bleach its no-holds-barred approach to lyrical content and theme.

“We wanted to add more intensity and sound, and for the new tracks we’ve been able to add thicker guitars with more attitude, but also more dissonant elements. Structurally, we’re playing around with some rhythm changes and fills, but essentially were doubling-down and cranking up on what we did before.”

“These new songs reflect an unfiltered yet intimate approach to its songwriting. They embrace the extreme and uncaring excess of life with a more personal tone: too much is never enough.”

Bleach Solves Most of my Problems was recorded at Angry Music Studios and mastered at Ballade Studios, both in Copenhagen.



This record intro hits like an oncoming freight train, telling the story of an Argentinian ‘Calavera’ – or party-goer – and the bad intentions, expectations and almost tragic results of a night out. We’ve all been a Calavera once, but it is not without consequences.


The song is a dialogue between our different inner selves and how they react when they get triggered. The clash explodes into hate – though against others or really just at ourselves? A menacing groove kicks in the gut, slowing the pace but upping the hardcore.


A cry for help to get out of a toxic relationship. We can repress the violence but ultimately the rage will find its way out. This restless, frantic track builds to a crescendo and a life of its own as that vocal rage thrashes itself to the surface.


This one feels angry, a traditional punk rage against the entrapments of modern life, a liberation scream of all the things that afflict us every day and which we can only deal with by channelling the music.


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