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CRO-MAGS release the year’s “perfect soundtrack” with new EP, 2020!

Cro Mags 2020
Hailed by Metal Hammer as “the perfect soundtrack for 2020,” the turbulent CRO-MAGS EP, 2020, is available today digitally. Earlier this year, CRO-MAGS released their first album in twenty years with the critically-acclaimed, In The Beginning. The six songs featured on the 2020 EP pick up right where the aggression left off on In The Beginning and echo all the turmoil and chaos experienced throughout the year. Listen to 2020 now.

The EP itself is 20 minutes and 20 seconds and plays out more like a time-capsule look into the dumpster fire known as the year 2020. CRO-MAGS founder Harley Flanagan explains, “Just by coincidence, we recorded 20 minutes and 16 seconds of music, so we simply added a few seconds of real-world chaos. The album cover is meant to look like a calendar – 7 squares across, with one picture from 2020 per day. Coronavirus, quarantine, empty streets, brutality, burning buildings, violence, and destruction: 2020 is a year none of us will ever forget.”

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Read the praise CRO-MAGS has received from the press:

“Fast punk and thrashy breakdowns” – DECIBEL
“The founding band of hardcore punk” – ROLLING STONE
“Fast-paced, raw, blazing and blistering” – CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND
“This one’s gonna snap a few bones and blacken an eye” – NEW NOISE
“A two-stepping salute to four-chord classic hardcore” – METAL HAMMER
“Heavy grooves, impressive depth and really powerful” – DOWN FOR LIFE
“A hybrid of ‘80s and ‘90s anthemic hardcore full of underlying anger” – BLABBERMOUTH

Filmed on March 15th, CRO-MAGS were one of the first musical acts to deliver a full live-stream set just as a nationwide lockdown fell upon the United States, now known as the infamous “The Quarantine Show.”

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