“Don’t Call Me I Won’t Call You” – a documentary about CURSED and MARE

“Don’t Call Me I Won’t Call You” is a documentary about CURSED and MARE.

From the author:

A short film about Toronto.

This is a standalone documentary about some of Toronto’s most prolific extreme music artists. We wanted to figure out what it is about this region that produces some of the most uncompromising and challenging music in the history of the genre… We hope this begins the discussion. This also serves as a preview to an upcoming longer feature that goes more in depth in regards to these musician’s insights and histories, with more interviews, bands, and people in the scene that make it the uniquely intense scene that it is.

Written and directed by Alec McKay, Shot by Richard Powell Smith, Edited by Scott Johnson, and Sound by Alexandra Lincoln. Additional photography by Alec McKay and Scott Johnson. Titles by Richard Powell Smith. Production management by Alec McKay, Richard Powell Smith, and Scott Johnson. Production assisted by Tyler Kostyk, Charlie Young, and Steve Bravatti. Thank you all for making this happen.

CURSED live at The Che Café, San Diego, CA, May 27, 2006:

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