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Eddie LEEWAY joins 2MINUTE MINOR for a new wicked track “Choke On The Blood”!

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Chicago hardcore pack 2MINUTE MINOR have teamed up with the legendary Eddie Sulton of NYC crossover hardcore vets LEEWAY for a new jam called “Choke On The Blood”, a fast-paced, fresh sounding track with a commentary on life and how backwards it’s become.

Comments the band:

It’s about how we rely on politics, status symbols, and man made religion to find our identity and how fast you can get caught up in it all. It’s really just buzzing sounds of the flickering neon lights of life and the glamorous versions of thoughts and the disconnect of reality.

Hopefully we will go back to the true fundamentals of life that make us who we are as human animals. Urging people to focus on Relationships, Personal connect with your God, Love interests, Hobbies, Family, and creativity and leave all the flickering lights in the dust where they truly belong. Hopefully one day we will be successful in this venture together and in many many years to come archaeologist will dig, find, and brush off the once forgotten flickering lights of yesteryear and be reminded that the flashy dreams of a unreached reality were useless and now unwelcome in modern day society. One can dream.

Asked about this unique collaboration with Eddie, the band added:

We reached out to Eddie Sutton of Leeway to do guest vocals and it was a joy working with him. We had some great conversations on the phone about the hardcore community, life, addiction and music in general. He’s a very honest and down to earth humble guy. It was a joy meeting and talking to a true hardcore legend.

LEEWAY released their new comeback 7” Tipping Point via Upstate Records on July 12, 2019.


Verse A:
Wounds of society fester in our ignorance.
Turning our backs on truth
Covering our eyes x2
defend our ears
These tongues grow silent, dry up dry up dry up and wither away

Verse B:
(Eddie Leeway guest vocals)
“I’ll be your shepherd….I’ll be your god….you’re my sacrificial lamb of star”
(Eddie Leeway and Wiley on horus)
*Choke on the Blood
We mustn’t sleep
Follow the Heard like mobs of Sheep
Knife stuck in your blood so deep
Could this pain be…ours to keep?

Verse A:

Playing dead is practice for the great demise
It’s time we rise! X2
Wake up the slain
Wake up the defeated!
No more playing dead!
* *Choke on the Blood
We mustn’t sleep
Follow the Herd like mobs of Sheep
Knife stuck in your blood so deep
Could this pain be…ours to keep?

Don’t follow the lies follow the lies
Politicians hold you down every time
Media is pushing its agenda on you
Spreading Division instead of truth
It happens every time every time
Money is worth more than a human life

2Minute Minor is a hardcore band formed in Chicago IL in 2016.

We are a mix of friends and musicians that have played in many other bands before. Mixing folks from Kalamazoo MI and Chicago IL we plan on releasing our 4th record as a full length and also have plans to play a few shows in the Chicago, Kalamazoo, and surrounding areas. We will see you at AudioFeed Music Festival this year 2020.

The band is currently planning on doing a full length 12” record released by veritasvinyl.net and ZAP Records.

This album is going to have a more late 80s/early 90s crossover thrash/hardcore feel. Heavily inspired by LEEWAY: Born To Expire, Cro-Mags: Best Wishes, and Agnostic Front: Cause for alarm albums with the 2Minute Minor twist on it.

Choke On The Blood


We did a tour April of last year and it took a lot out of me personally. I’m not much of a new people person and I lack the skills to communicate with new people sometimes. It is exhausting really. (When I’m with my friends I’m a open book) The other guys after the shows wanted to hang out and I just wanted to shower and be alone by myself with my thoughts. Lame I know ha ha. On a positive note we got to open for Jack Kelly of Slapshots side project Stars and Stripes. We also got to open for the mighty godfathers of hardcore Agnostic Front. That was a joy. We are all in our late 30s and early 40s. We have families and jobs. It’s very hard to get out and tour these days. We might do a tour again one day but none in the works at the moment.

I’m Your Pusher“, a new music video from LEEWAYs new EP was released in late 2019. Check it out below.

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