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“Vengeance & Forgiveness” – Dutch power hardcore pack BONERIPPER break down new explosive EP

Fresh off the new release of ‘Vengeance & Forgiveness’, the Harlingen, Netherlands based hardcore band BONERIPPER joins us for a special track by track breakdown of this muscular beast of a record.

Vengeance & Forgiveness tackles a variety of subjects, including the contradictions of life and the struggles and challenges we face every day.

“It’s about how fucked up this world is but still a beautiful place in its own way.” – comments the band.

“It’s about making friends and getting stabbed in the back. Getting knocked down and facing adversity. Overcoming and getting back up. Finding the strength in your weakest moments. Choosing between right and wrong. At the same time, it’s about being true to yourself, turning negatives into positives while all you want to do is get your revenge. It’s about the good, the bad and the ugly. Vengeance & Forgiveness.”


Apocalypse Calling – This song is about the state the world is in now, with this great feeling of impending doom. We are surrounded by war, pollution, discrimination and growing inequality between rich and poor.

It’s a sort of warning/wake-up call/ show off frustration off what the human race is doing to the planet. The song asks the question if we are too far gone or if we can still save the world from going under.

Lone Wolf – This song is about being OK with standing alone, not that you have to because but because you can. Sometimes you have to take your own path in life despite this being a hard thing to do. Not to be dependent on other people but able to trust yourself and know where you want to go.

Inner Strength
– This song is about overcoming adversity and set-backs in life. It’s about when you get knocked down by life you can find the strength within yourself to get back up and move forward. It’s about struggle that makes you stronger. It’s about no matter how bad things seem, there’s a way back up.

Fake Crusade – This song is about all the extreme religions ruling and dictating so many things in our world today. About oppressing people for their race, sexual orientation, gender identification, religion or just being a woman. About people thinking they have the right to rule over another human’s life just because they think what they believe is superieur to the other person’s belief. And all the horrific acts of violence, intimidation and brainwashing there have been done in the name of some god.


Iced Lies – This song is about getting betrayed and lied to by people you love, being betrayed and lied to by politicians, being betrayed and lied to by big multinationals, being betrayed and lied to by celebrities, television programs, social media etc. It’s about feeling betrayed and lied to and how this can lead to anger, hatred and frustration.

Poisoned Mind
– This song is about the current state of social media. About the perfect lives we’ve portrayed everyday, The perfect picture, The stuff we are supposed to need, The way we are supposed to look, how much money we should make. Just this great perfectly created online world we flee in everyday through our smartphones. Because we get sucked into this every day our minds are getting polluted not just with all the stuff already mentioned but also with the fake news and hate speech that’s been spreading around.

“Vengeance & Forgiveness” – Dutch power hardcore pack BONERIPPER break down new explosive EP
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